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AEW Revolution Preview:

This Saturday night AEW will hold their first PPV of the new year as AEW Revolution comes to you live from Wintrust Arena in downtown Chicago IL. This card is shaping up to be one of AEW's best so far and the builds to every match have been fantastic. With AEW not doing a PPV every month it allows for the stories to play out better than they do in WWE simply because they have more time to build the hype. Finally, on Saturday night we will get the culmination to some great rivalries and possibly some major surprises...Lets take a look at what you can expect for Saturday nights Revolution PPV...

PAC vs Orange Cassidy

I'm not really sure what to expect for this match. That is mainly because we haven't seen Orange Cassidy actually wrestle.. He does this thing where everything he does is just super light and he is just a very interesting guy. On the other side of the ring PAC is just an brutal high flying brawler who will kick anyones ass. I'm more intrigued with how Cassidy acts during this match cause it could get ugly for him pretty quick.

Prediction-PAC Wins

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara

This could be one of, if not the most exciting match of the night as two of the young bright stars of AEW will go head to head. Guevara slammed Allin throat with his skateboard causing an injury to Allin. Darby Allin is now out for revenge and will look to take down Sammy Guevara come Saturday night. Don't be shocked to see the inner circle get involved in someway or another and for that reason I think that Guevara will pick up the win in a highly competitive match.

Prediction-Sammy Guevara wins

Jake Hager vs Dustin Rhodes

The AEW in ring debut for Jake Hager and I fully expect him to make quick work of Dustin Rhodes. As part of the Inner Circle Hager has been made out to look like a beast and I would be shocked if they had him lose his first match. Rhodes is a great first opponent for him and this should be a very entertaining match.

Prediction- Jake Hager wins

AEW Women's Championship: Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose(c)

I feel like AEW is not fully invested in their women's division yet so it has been tough for me to get fully invested in it myself. Rose just recently won the title and it doesn't make sense for her to drop it this early on into her title reign. I don't know much about Statlander and haven't seen enough of her to really know what to expect. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised by this match but we will just have to wait and see.

Prediction- Nyla Rose retains

AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega and Adam"Hangman" Page(c)

Tag team wrestling at its best with four of the best in the business going at it. All four of these guys are friends which makes for great in ring chemistry and this match could very well steal the show. We have seen the tension building between all four men and the build to this match has been very entertaining. Will Omega and Page be able to remain on the same Page? This is probably the toughest match to predict because it really could go either way. The title reign for Page and Omega hasn't been all that long but the tension is there which could be the downfall of their team. The Young Bucks will be looking to capitalize on what could be a distracted Page and Omega. I am really looking forward to this one and it should be incredible.

Prediction- Young Bucks Win

Cody Rhodes vs MJF

This is going to be the most physical match of the night. I mean these two are going to go to war. Once best friends, now bitter rivals a story as old as wrestling. Cody Rhodes will finally get his hands on the man that rang his bell with a steel chair MJF. Cody had to go through lashings and a steel cage match against Wardlow just to get this match against MJF. He survived all of it and will finally get his chance. MJF has been doing everything his power to wear Cody down before this match and we will see if it has any effect come Saturday. Cody's emotion may get the best of him and it could end up being his downfall.

Prediction-MJF Wins

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs Chris Jericho(c)

The lengthy title reign for Chris Jericho will have its toughest test to date. The lunatic Jon Moxley has one thing on his mind and that is the AEW Championship. After weeks and weeks of Jericho and the Inner Circle getting the best of Moxley, it will finally be Moxley's turn to get his hands on Jericho. Every week since we found out Moxley would not be joining the Inner Circle and instead would be challenging Jericho for the title, we have been treated to greta promos and great storytelling to get us fully invested in this rivalry. Not that it wasn't easy to get into from the beginning since it is two of the best in the world going at it and take in to account the history they have with each other, this match should be epic. AEW has done a great job of not letting these guys get too physical with each other so that we have more to look forward to come Saturday night. It's almost a guarantee that the Inner Circle will get involved in some capacity and the odds will be stacked against Moxley but, that is when he is at his best. This could be the first of many battles we get between this two and I could not be more excited.

Prediction- Jon Moxley Wins

Make sure you tune in Saturday night on PPV starting at 7:30pm and follow Ginger Thread to stay up to date with everything that goes down at AEW Revolution!!

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