• Keith Walsh

Best Odds to Win Stanley Cup

Oh, well hello the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS. Yea that‘s right, according to this chart created by @MonkeyPuckdotcom the heckin Philadelphia Flyers now have the best odds to win the Stanley Cup. I REPEAT THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS NOW HAVE THE BEST ODDS TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP. *Exhales* Now I’m not one to get ahead of myself here but I’ve been trying to tell everyone that this team is a legit contender. Once they learned how to play AV’s style and he figured out who to put together this team has been BUZZIN. Now I have absolutely no idea how these guys came up with this chart and honestly I don’t really care. All I know is my boys now have the best odds and after suffering for so long to even be in this conversation is electric. After dominating the Rags this past weekend and the Penguins losing 6 straight to some pretty bad teams, the Flyers now sit only 3 points behind the Washington Capitals for 1st place in the Metro division. Even better, the Flyers and Caps go head to head on Wednesday night where the Flyers with a win would only be 1 point out of first. Hey Ovie, we’re coming....In all seriousness the Flyers are on fire right now and if they keep this play up they are going to be a tough team to beat come playoffs. As long as Carter Hart can continue to get better on the road, if I’m any other team I would be trying to avoid the Flyers at all cost come playoff time.


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