• Keith Walsh

BREAKING NEWS: Conor McGregor Wants June Fight

Huge news coming out of the UFC/MMA World just a little bit ago...Barstool Sports Robbie Fox(@RobbieBarstool) had a Zoom interview with UFC President Dana White where Dana White confirmed that Conor McGregor wants to fight on fight island in June. During the clip Robbie asked Dana if he had spoken with McGregor recently and Dana confirmed he had been texting him earlier in the day and McGregor ask Dana "What date could I fight on Fight island and will there be fans?" Robbie asked if McGregor asked to fight Jorge Masvidal and White responded by saying "We haven't talked about a specific opponent but he wants to fight and it sounds like he wants to fight in June. The fight would either be mid June or late June."

Check out the Tweet below...


This could be a huge development and is definitely worth following as the UFC is looking to have more fight cards in the coming months. With all of this quarantine stuff going on having a major Conor McGregor fight is just what the world needs to give us something to distract us from all the Coronavirus talk. I am really hoping this leads to something in the next few weeks but we shall see how it turns out. FEED ME McGregor vs Masvidal or McGregor vs Diaz or really just McGregor vs Anyone. The King is on a path to get his title back and a stupid pandemic isn't going to get in his way...

Full Credit to Robbie Fox from Barstool and the great interview he did with Dana White.


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