• Keith Walsh

BREAKING NEWS:NCAA Launching Investigation Into Gus Duggerton

Tallahassee Fla.—Huge news this morning coming out of Florida State University. On the heels of a big win over Syracuse last night, the NCAA 14 Committee annoucnced they are launching an investigation into FSU offensive coordinator Gus Duggerton.

Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of recruiting violations since he accepted the Florida State job. Now, a recent tweet has landed coach Duggs in some hot water.

Cam Banks is the star running back for the Seminoles and while he had offers from other top schools such as Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma. He ultimately decided to sign with Florida State. The question is whether or not the mansion and Lexus had anything to do with it. Duggerton(aka @BarstoolBigCat) has denied that it has anything to do with his recruitment and it was all believable until Duggs slipped up in another tweet...

As you can see Duggerton claims he does not own the Lexus dealership in Tallahassee but he is an "advisor." Interesting he decided to put that in quotes, you have to wonder if Gus Duggerton is the honorable man we thought he was. Once again coach Duggerton was unavailable for comment. FSU next game tonight against Wake Forest. We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds


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