• Keith Walsh

Breaking News: NCAA Tournaments Ban Fans

An absolute bombshell being dropped as the NCAA announced that their will be no fans allowed to attend the tournament games due to the Coronavirus...This is absolutely insane the biggest tournaments of the year will be played in empty arenas. Obviously this is a huge story with plenty of details still coming in. I’m still skeptical that this Coronavirus is as serious as the media is making it out to be. I get that it’s serious and they are just trying to prevent it from spreading but I still can’t wrap my head around all of the cancelations happening right now. For the tournaments only close family and essential staff with be allowed at the games. Fans are a huge part of sports and it will definitely have an impact on some of the big moments of the tournament without thousands of people freaking out when something wild happens. Also, as a player I think it might be a little harder to get amped up for a game especially when they have gotten so used to playing in front of a huge audience. More to follow so make sure you stay tuned with Ginger Thread for the most up to date news....


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