• Keith Walsh

College Football Top 25 Week 2 Schedule

College football is officially back in full swing, after an exciting week one of action we have another week of great games scheduled. Let's take a look at the schedule for the teams in the Top 25 for week 2....

1.Clemson(1-0) vs #12 Texas A&M(1-0)-9/7 3:30pm

2.Alabama(1-0) vs New Mexico State(0-1)-9/7 4:00pm

3.Georgia(1-0) vs Murray State(1-0)-9/7 4:00pm

4.Oklahoma(1-0) vs South Dakota(0-1)-9/7 7:00pm

5.Ohio State(1-0) vs Cincinnati(1-0)- 9/7 12:00pm

6.LSU(1-0) @ #9 Texas(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

7.Michigan(1-0) vs Army(1-0)-9/7 12:00pm

8.Notre Dame(1-0)-BYE

9.Texas(1-0) vs #6 LSU(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

10.Auburn(1-0) vs Tulane(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

11.Florida(1-0) vs UT Martin(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

12.Texas A&M(1-0) vs #1 Clemson(1-0)-9/7 3:30pm

13.Utah(1-0) vs Northern Illinois(1-0)-9/7 1:00pm

14.Washington(1-0) vs California(1-0)-9/7 10:30pm

15.Penn State(1-0) vs Buffalo(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

16.Oregon(0-1) vs Nevada(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

17.Wisconsin(1-0) vs Central Michigan(1-0)-9/7 3:30pm

18.UCF(1-0) @ Florida Atlantic(0-1)-9/7 7:00pm

19.Michigan State(1-0) vs Western Michigan(1-0)-9/7 7:30pm

20.Iowa(1-0) vs Rutgers(1-0)-9/7 12:00pm

21.Syracuse(1-0) @ Maryland(1-0)-9/7 12:00pm

22.Washington State(1-0) vs Northern Colorado(0-1)-9/7 5:00pm

23.Stanford(1-0) vs USC(1-0)-9/7 10:30pm

24.Boise State(1-0) vs Marshall(1-0)-9/6 9:00pm

25.Iowa State(1-0) BYE


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