• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Day 1 of Sports Shutdown

Welp, it’s officially happened, sports are cancelled and I no longer know what to do with my life. The NBA, NHL, and MLB have suspended their seasons. The XFL season has been canceled and of course the NCAA has cancelled all spring/summer championships including both NCAA Basketball Tournaments. So, since sports are donezo I’ve decided to keep a daily log of how I’m surviving. From today March 12th 2020, until god knows when I’ll be posting what I’m doing to stay. busy during this extremely difficult time.

Today was a sad day, a very very very sad day. Sports are my life, I come home from work and look forward to turning on a game whether it’s the NHL, NBA, or whatever sporting events are on it’s what I look forward to all day long. That’s been taken away from me because of this stupid ass virus that I still think is being blown way out of proportion...I’m not a doctor so I wont get into that...Anyway, we found out last night about the NBA being cancelled and we kind of figured it would only be a matter of time before other leagues followed suit. Thats exactly what happened, first the NCAA cancelled all of the conference tournaments, then the NHL suspended their season, the MLB delayed the start of their season, and finally the XFL cancelled their season. It was like getting gut punched by Mike Tyson after each leagues announcement. Sitting at work just refreshing Twitter just to get the latest updates and it was never good news.

So luckily, work will take up a decent part of my day during the week so it’ll be a little easier. But what about weekends? Like if there’s no sports what the hell is there to watch on Saturday nights?!?!? Now look, I know we’re going to have some MMA fights and golf but we all know it’s not the same.

Today was the first night with no action and I tell ya it was tough. I got home from work, took the dog out then laid in bed scrolling through social media for a little bit. By this time it was around 645-7pm I should've been getting ready to watch my Philadelphia Flyers take down the Tampa Bay Lightning and climb into first place in the Metro Division. Instead, I’m watching the NHL Network listening to what could possibly be next for when/if they resume the season. I realized that I still have NCAA College Basketball 10 for XBOX 360 and you can bet your ass I put that bitch in and started a dynasty immediately. I'll be Playing that until i'm ready for bed where i'll turn on The Office and pass out. Not an awful first night of no sports but it sure as shit wasn't great either...Stay tuned for day 2.


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