• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus:Day 5 of Sports Shutdown

Good news is we had the start of NFL Free Agency! That has helped a little with there being no sports on TV. It’s still a struggle though not being able to watch live sports every night. More things are getting cancelled each day and things are looking more and more bleak each passing day.

Yesterday wasn’t a horrible day, I unfortunately still have work so 8 hours of my days will be spent there. I got home from work, made some dinner and began my night. I had my boy Jazzy Thiel come over and we did a franchise in MLB 08 The Show which was electric. Then we continued to down some beers while playing Mario Super Strikers, which BTW probably the greatest soccer game ever created.

That pretty much wrapped up the night as there wasn’t too much else going on. Today is Day 6, I’m off from work and have absolutely no plans for the day. Check back later tonight for a full day 6 recap.


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