• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Sports Shutdown Day 12

Another day stuck inside...I got a lot done yesterday though. I did a bunch of mock drafts as I start to get into full NFL Draft mode since thats the next big event we have coming up right now. So I was all in on the NFL mocks yesterday, I also didn't realize how many draft simulation things are out there nowadays. It was pretty wild to see all the different sites that have draft simulators. Yesterday I was fully off from work but I still got up like I would if I had work and got to working on stuff for the blog/podcast. It was so much better waking up and doing that then waking up and going to my real job. So if anyone wants to start paying me to do this I am currently listening to any and all offers...Have your people call my people.

Other than working on stuff for Ginger Thread I pretty much made dinner then watched some TV and played video games. Nothing too crazy just a typical Monday night. I tried watching Monday Night Raw but just couldn't get into it. I will say its really weird seeing pro wrestling with no fans. We also found out that Wrestlemania is going to be taped this year which is super lame and they should just cancel it instead. Ill go more into that in another blog. Other than that I played the new Call of Duty Warzone which is pretty sweet even though I am straight ass at it right now. I ended the night the same as most nights turning on The Office and passing out. On to day 13...


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