• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Sports Shutdown Day 13

My first day of working from home and man I could get used to this. It's so much easier waking up and just having to grab a laptop instead of getting dressed and going into the office. I'll be honest I felt 1000 times more productive getting my work done then I usually do when I am in the office. Not really a bad day of work and I look forward to working from home more often.

After work I needed to venture out into the public to grab some groceries...I hate everyone. Now if you know me you know I hate everyone to begin with but during this whole shitshow my hatred is at an all time high. I had to go to two stores just to find the few things I needed thanks to all you dumbasses that keep overbuying shit.

After all that nonsense I got home ate my dinner and watched tv. I was in bed before midnight and that never happens for me. This quarantine shit is really changing me and I don’t like it at all. Day 14 is here and we’ve officially hit the two week mark. Stay tuned for the update..


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