• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus Sports Shutdown Day 2

Well, it’s Friday at least so that’s good. Still no sports as even more things were cancelled/postpone today. We learned that the PGA has postponed the Masters tournament. I guess it’s good they didn’t cancel it but this still sucks.

Work took up most of my day again, but I spent most of my time on social media trying to stay up to date with the coronavirus news. I still think everything is being blown way out of proportion but whatever. I went out and grabbed the most important thing during this time and that was a ice cold case of beer. That’s right all you weirdos stocking up on toilet paper and I’m out here stocking up on the more important things. I played some NCAA 10 Basketball since we don’t have any March madness so I’m creating my own.

After that I went out to dinner with the family. That’s right ain’t no virus gonna stop the Walsh family from living our lives. Believe it or not there were actually people out an about living normal lives...crazy I know.

I was definitely expecting it to be a little worse than it has been so far without sports but I’m surviving...for now. I still find myself checking all my sports apps and logging into DraftKings to see what bets I can place even though I know their aren’t any. Two days down and who knows how many more left. Great news! We do have a UFC Fight Night tomorrow so that will surely help ease the pain of no other sports.


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