• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Sports Shutdown Day 4

Day 4 of the sports shutdown and I think I’m really starting to get worried about how the hell i'm going to survive this. We’ve found out that if we get sports back I may not be until June...that would be almost 3 months without sports. THREE MONTHS WITHOUT SPORTS...I died a little inside just even typing that out. All these people worried about the Coronavirus killing a bunch of people which I completely understand. But do me a favor and while you’re checking in on sick people check in on your sports friends because we are NOT okay.

Today was pretty uneventful for me, I did some wash and that was about the only productive thing I did. Don’t judge me it’s Sunday and everything is falling apart. I watched a ton of Bar Rescue, so shoutout to Jon Taffer and Paramount Network as it made the day go by a little bit faster.

As of now I still have work and honestly the only reason I’m looking forward to it is because it makes the days go faster. The faster the days the quicker we can get sports back hopefully.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy out there and here’s to hoping day 5 brings some good news.


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