• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Sports Shutdown Day 7

In the words of the Barenaked Ladies...“It’s been one week...” that’s right people we have made it a full week since the start of the sports shutdown. It feels like it’s been a year and I’m only starting to lose my mind a little bit. The NFL has made gamepass free which means we can watch replays of every NFL game since 2009. If that’s what I have to resort to than fine I’ll take it over nothing.

Today was pretty much the usual for ya boy. Went to work, came home played video games. I did however turn on the 2017 NFC Championship game in which the Eagles beat the Vikings on their way to their first ever Super Bowl. It was so great reliving that moment as that was easily one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced. On another note I’ve been spending way too much time watching TikTok videos I’m not proud of it. Well at least it’s Thursday tomorrow so we’re one day closer to the weekend. Is it really a weekend though since we still can’t do shit. I dk but now would be a great time for someone to invent the remote from Click so we can fast forward through this nightmare and get back to living our normal lives.


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