• Keith Walsh

Coronavirus: Sports Shutdown Day 9

We're almost into double digits for the sports shutdown and I am being told it's the weekend? Still trying to confirm this though as the days are really starting to blend together. It was my first day not having to go into the office for work and man it felt great to sleep in a little bit. I think I finally got out of bed at like 11:30am don't judge. I was productive after I woke up though, I made myself some breakfast which was delicious. Nothing better than homemade pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich. It's pork roll too its not Taylor Ham and you cant tell me otherwise. After that I decided to clean around the apartment and even rearranged my room to change things up a little bit.

Didn't really do much for the rest of the afternoon so later on in the night I went over to the rents place and had some pizza and wings. Don't worry we kept a six foot difference between all of us so we practiced social distancing. I got home around 830pm and watched a replay of the Flyers vs Penguins stadium series game from last year and man it made me miss hockey so much more than I already did. Finally, I ended up in a group video chat hangout with a few friends where we played some drinking games. I guess that's the new going to the bar with friends. It was a good time and it was cool to see some people I had seen in a little while.

Lets see what day 10 has in store for us...


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