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Decision Expect on NHL Draft Within 24 Hours

We should be in the middle of a Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup run right now. This time of year is usually filled with plenty of Playoff hockey, but unfortunately that isn't the case thanks to this damn Coronavirus. So one of the biggest stories other than when the hell the NHL and all sports are coming back, is what the NHL is going to do about this years Draft. According to TSN NHL Insider Bob McKenzie, the NHL could make a final decision regarding the draft within the next 24 hours.

The NHL Draft was originally schedule to take place like usual at the end of June but, since the season has been put on hold we're not sure when it's going to happen. One of the key factors in the delay of when to hold the draft is how the league would determine the draft order. The NHL adopted a new concept a few years back where every team that missed the playoffs would have the chance to move up to the first overall pick. Now in the first four years of the new lottery system we have seen teams with low percentages jump up into the top 3 picks. For example one of the biggest jumps came back in 2017 when my Philadelphia Flyers who only had a 2.4% chance to move up, jumped all the way from 13th to the 2nd overall pick. They would use that pick to take Center Nolan Patrick. While not likely, it does happen where teams get lucky enough to move up.

This year though the bubble playoff teams that miss the cut may not get that opportunity. According to TSN Bob McKenzie, If the NHL decides to hold the draft before the season ends it would revert back to the old lottery format where only the bottom 5 teams would have the chance at the number one overall pick. This is great news if your a Detroit Red Wings fan because they would have the best odds of landing that coveted top pick who is expected to be Alexis Lafreniere.

As a Flyers fan I could give two shits about what they do with the lottery, because I know my boys are in a playoff spot and wouldn't have the chance to move up anyway. As an NHL fan though, I like the excitement of every team that misses the playoffs getting a chance to steal the number 1 pick. I'll probably live to regret saying that when a good team in the Flyers division misses the playoffs by like a point and ends up with the top overall pick...But for now, I love the idea of the mayhem.

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