• Keith Walsh

Drake Trolls Curry, Raptors Win Game 1

Photo Credit:(TheReporter.com)

The Golden State Warriors were unable to contain Drake on Thursday night and the Raptors were able to take home a pivotal game 1 victory. I unfortunately only caught the last five minutes of this game as I had a hockey game of my own to attend. However, after scrolling through social media and catching some highlights it seemed like a pretty decent game. As I said in my finals preview post, a key factor would be the Warriors being able to stop Drake and his sideline shenanigans. His troll game was next level tonight rocking a Dell Curry(Steph's dad) Raptors jersey that was even signed by him! It didn't seem to affect Steph too much as he still had 34 points. It was not enough though as Pascal Siakam dropped 32 points while Kawhi Leonard had 23 and the Raptors won 118-109.

Game 2 is Sunday Night at 8pm EST on ABC.


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