• Keith Walsh

Final NHL Draft Rankings

With everything going on with the Covid-19 and the season currently suspended we still have some NHL news to talk about. Yesterday Central Scouting released the final rankings for the 2020 draft. There has been a consensus 1st overall pick for about two years now as Alexis Lafreniere has been dominate in international play and in the QMJHL. But after him we have had a lot of movement in the rankings all year. Lets take a look at the final rankings....

So now we have the final rankings for both the North American and International players the next things will be the Draft Lottery to determine the draft order. As of now we don't have a time frame as we still don't know when/if the season will resume. Hopefully over the next few weeks things will get better and we will have a date for the season to return or for the playoffs to start.


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