• Keith Walsh

Fury vs Wilder II Preview

This Saturday night one of the biggest rematches in boxing history goes down. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will clash to determine who will be the World Heavyweight Champion. These two greats fought back on December 1st of 2018 and it ended in a split draw decision much to the displeasure of most fans. Saturday night we look to once and for all crown a winner and a true Heavyweight champion.

Now for boxing I am by no means an expert but I know enough about the sport to know the big fights and the high profile fighters. I watched the last fight between these two and it was an instant classic with a shitty ending. Trust me it's not the first time we've been dissapointed in the ending of a fight and I am sure it wont be the last. Lets take a look at how we got to this much anticipated rematch..

December 1st 2018: These two had an epic fight that was called a split decsion draw by the judges. Both fighters said they thought they won the fight(obvisouly) they also both proceeded to call out another top heavyweight in Anthony Joshua.

A week later talks of the rematch already had begun and things were trying to be finalized. It would be almost a year before a date was set for the rematch.

December 2019: Rematch between Wilder and Fury is set for Febuary 22, 2020.

May/June 2019: While the rematch was officially set both of these guys would still have a few tune up fights. If one of them were to lose it could have really effected the hype around the rematch or possibly even caused the rematch to be cancelled.

May 18th 2019: Deontay Wilder defeats Dominic Breazeale via 1st round knockout

June 15th 2019: Tyson Fury defeats Tom Schwarz via 2nd round TKO.

September/November 2019: While both guys would take care of their first tune up fights in pretty easy fashion, their next fights would not be as easy...

September 14th 2019: Tyson Fury defeats Otto Wallin via Unanimous Decision. While it went to the judges and they gave him the clear win, this was a fight that Fury did not look his very best. Wallin was hanging around and caught him with some good shots throughout the fight before he became too tired and Fury picked him apart.

November 23rd 2019: Deontay Wilder defeats Luis Ortiz via 7th round KO. It may not have been a 1st round knockout, it was still a very decisive win for Wilder as he dominated throughout the entire fight before picking up the KO in the 7th round.

That brings us to this Saturday night as for the 2nd time these two heavyweight titans will clash to determine a champion. If it is anything like the first fight then it is going to be epic. Both of these guys have knockout power and can end the fight in an instant. Both have also shown the ability to recover quickly even after taking a big shot. Fury was the only one to hit the mat in the first fight and you can bet he will be looking to return the favor to Wilder come Saturday. Wilder comes in as the favorite and most thought he should have probably won the first fight. Fury will be the underdog and will look to silence his doubters. One thing for sure is we all hope it doesn't end like the first one because nobody wants to see another draw...You can catch all the action this Saturday Night on PPV starting at 9pm.


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