• Keith Walsh

Gus Duggerton NCAA Investigation Update

Tallahassee Fla.— While it seems like nothing can go wrong on the field for Coach Duggerton(Aka @BarstoolBigCat) and the Florida State offense, off the field is a different story. Less than 24 hours after the NCAA announced it would be launching an investigation into Duggerton, one of his players may have thrown him under the bus...The Gus bus.

Star running back Cam Banks took to Twitter to show off his new whip, a brand new 2020 Mercedes. As you can see in the post he thanked coach Duggerton and also tagged the official Twitter account of the NCAA. Now it’s hard to say exactly what Banks is thanking Duggerton for here but, I must say this does not look good for either of the two. With this post and the comments made by Duggerton, they are making it pretty easy for the NCAA to connect the dots. You have to wonder how this scandal could effect the upcoming recruiting class and Coach Duggs future.

With a perfect season on the line and a huge prime time matchup with in state rival Florida on the horizon, this is just another distraction that Duggs and FSU will have to overcome. More to follow...


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