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Home Run Derby 2019 Preview:

The first MLB Post for Ginger Thread and we‘re talking about the Home Run Derby! Eight men will compete to determine who will be this years home run king. Unfortunately, one of the most anticipated entrants Christian Yelich had to drop out of the competition due to a back injury. Nonetheless it should still be a great competiton

Heres a look at the bracket for this years derby.

The Home Run Derby is always pretty exciting even if this year lacks star power for the most part. I’m most excited to see Vlad Guerrero Jr as he has some insane power and might actually hit a ball to space from Cleveland. I’m also interested to see how Ronald Acuna Jr does as he’s been crushing the ball this season. Matt Chapman is the man replacing Yelich and he has 21 home runs on the year which is only three less than he had all of last year at the halfway point of the year.

It should be as exciting as always when these guys start smashing balls out of Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. This is an event that is always hard to predict what happens as it's not always that easy to hit home runs even for professionals. Im gonna go round by round with my predictions here.

Round 1:

Matt Chapman vs Vlad Guerrero Jr.-Prediction: Vlad Jr.

Alex Bregman vs Joc Pederson-Prediction: Joc Pederson

Pete Alonso vs Carlos Santana-Prediction: Carlos Santana

Josh Bell vs Ronald Acuna Jr.-Prediction: Ronald Acuna Jr.

Round 2:

Vlad Jr vs Joc Pederson-Prediction:Vlad Jr.

Carlos Santana vs Ronald Acuna Jr.-Prediction:Carlos Santana


Vlad Jr vs Carlos Santana-Prediction and Champion:Vlad Jr

So there you have it my predictions for the 2019 Home Run Derby. You can watch it tonight at 8pm on ESPN.


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