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NCAA Championship Week

It is officially March Madness season folks and it's finally time for Championship week!! We've already had a few conference tournaments get underway and a few that have already ended . This week though we have the best of the best conference tournaments and more importantly, we get to watch college basketball all day long. Most of these tournaments start on Wednesday or Thursday with the ACC being the exception as that one starts this afternoon. This is one of the best times of year when it comes to sports as we are always treated to some great games and crazy upsets. I expect this year to be no different and can't wait to be locked in to all the college basketball games going on. Below you can see all of the brackets for the major conference tournaments starting this week...

ACC Tournament

What to expect: Duke is considered one of the favorites to win the tournament so you just know they are going to end up losing. UNC has been pretty bad all year but started looking better down the stretch I honestly wouldn't be suprised to see them win a game or two to create some havoc throughout the ACC. Virgina is the defending national champion and will be a tough team to beat and I think they will end up winning the ACC Tournament.

A10 Tournament

What to expect: I'll be honest I haven't really seen any of these teams play all that much. All I know is Dayton has been really good for the better part of the year, VCU usually makes a nice little run and you can never count out Davidson either. In the end though I think its going to be Dayton who brings home the title.

American Conference Tournament

What to expect: This is another tournament that is usually pretty exciting and full of surprises. Don't be shocked if a team that plays on day one ends up in the championship game come Sunday. A team like UCONN or Memphis could easily go on a run and make a push for the championship.

Big East Tournament

What to expect: Maybe the best conference in all of college basketball this season and this tournament is always usually the best of them all. Anyone can win this one, I really don't think there is a clear favorite as anyone of the top 4 seeds could easily win the whole thing. Even some of the higher seeds have a legitimate chance to make a run and its setting up to be a great week of games.

Big Ten Tournament

What to expect: This has been a conference that has been up for grabs all year long and this tournament is no different. Wisconsin has been on a nice little run here and are coming into the tournament hot. That usually ends with them losing though and I could see that happening again this year. Penn State is an interesting team as they have played well all year and have the ability to catch a team off guard and make a run to the title game. Michigan State is always a favorite this time of year as they always seem to turn it on. Same could be said for Michigan as well but I don't think they have it in them this year. Im taking Maryland to win the Big Ten Tournament as I think they right the ship and get hot here.

Big 12 Tournament

What to expect: To me this is might be the one tournament where the final could be predictable with Baylor and Kansas being there. Now obviously either one of those teams could lose but I don't see it happening before the championship game. I could be completely wrong but ill take my chances here and bank on a 1 vs 2 championship game.

PAC 12 Tournament

What to expect: Oregon should win this tournament they have been the best team in the conference pretty much all year and that should continue here. I'm really not sold on any of these PAC 12 teams but thats what we play the games.

SEC Tournament

What to expect: The SEC is a crapshoot I mean I really don't know who is going to come out of this tournament on top. The top four seeds are all beatable and none of them are really all that dominate. That being said though I like Auburn to be the team to solidify their spot in the tournament and make a statement here.

Make sure you tune in for all the action and i'll have you covered here at Ginger Thread with everything that goes down.


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