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NHL Trade Deadline Preview

On Monday February 24th it is one of the most exciting days in the NHL season. Teams have until 3pm eastern to make deals to try and improve their team for the stretch run of the season. Deadline day is very hit or miss, as some years we have a bunch of deals and others we get none. This year I have no idea what to expect but you can bet your ass I’ll be on my couch all day watching TSN deadline day coverage. It is easily one of my favorite days of the year even if we get no exciting deals. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest names that could be on the move come deadline day...

As you can see there are some pretty big names on the list of who could be on the move. We have already had a few trades so there’s a few guys we can cross off the list. Hopefully the organizations save all of their trades for deadline day to make it more exciting but we will just have to wait and see...Let’s look at some of the trades that have already been made...

Taylor Hall Trade:

Our first somewhat noteworthy trade happened earlier in the season as the New Jersey Devils traded Taylor Hall to the Arizona Coyotes which sent shockwaves through the NHL. Here’s a look at the full details of the trade...

Arizona Receives: (F)Taylor Hall and (F)Blake Speers

New Jersey Receives: 2020 Conditional 1st round pick, 2021 Conditional 3rd round pick, (F)Nate Schnarr, (F)Nick Merkley, (D)Kevin Bahl

Hopefully that isn’t the biggest trade we get for the year as I’m hoping for an exciting deadline. Now since the trade to Arizona, Hall has put up some decent numbers but they were definitely expecting more from him. Arizona is barely hanging on to the 1st wildcard spot in the West as since the trade they have not been winning as much. Could we possibly see Taylor Hall on the move again? I think it’s a fair question and a very realistic possibility.

Hall wants to win he’s made that pretty clear which is why he had no intentions of re-signing in New Jersey. The Devils pretty early on this season knew they weren’t going to be making the playoffs even after all the moves they made in the offseason which ment Hall wouldn‘t be re-signing. Instead of waiting until the deadline they shipped him out as soon as they found an offer they liked. Now with Arizona, if they don’t think they will be in contention for a playoff spot it would be a very smart move to try and get back some of the assets they traded to acquire Hall.

While I think it is unlikely that Hall gets moved again, you can never say never. But what would the price be for the impending unrestricted free agent? Well, it took a lot for Arizona to get him but I thought it would have been a lot more if were being honest. Obviously they had to put in the compensation picks for if he doesn’t re-sign which is why the assests going back were not as hefty as I thought they’d be. But still Hall is an incredible player and is still only 28 years old. If there’s one thing the trade deadline proves every year it’s that there is always a team that is willing to severely overpay to try and get the missing piece to winning a Stanley Cup. So if I am Arizona Coyotes General Manager John Chayka, I am setting the price for the former MVP pretty high...

Asking price for Hall: 2020 1st Round pick, 2021 1st Round pick(if he re-signs), and two mid level prospects.

You might be looking at that and saying its crazy and I don’t blame you. But if I’m the GM of a team securely in a playoff spot and trying to win a Stanley Cup this season, if I can add a guy who could possibly score 30 goals I’m considering it.

Teams That Could be interested:

1.Boston Bruins-Top team in the East that is always adding at the deadline.

2. St.Louis Blues- Tarasenko is still injured and the defending cup champs could use another scorer.

3. Colorado Avalanche- A young team that is looking to make an impact in the playoffs. Imagine Hall with McKinnon, Landesgok and Makar...

4. Columbus Blue Jackets-The suprising team of the year as after losing their top name players to free agency they are still in the playoff hunt and adding Hall would make them a dangerous dark horse team.

It will be interesting to see how much we start hearing Taylor Hall’s name in the next few weeks as he hasnt re-signed with the Coyotes and theres a chance he could be moved again.

Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltending:

On February 6th, the Toronto Maple Leafs finally solidified their goaltending as they went and acquired Jack Campbell from the Los Angeles Kings. It was a deal that they had to make if they want to have a shot at the playoffs as they have struggled getting consistent play from their backup goaltenders all year. Toronto has been floating between 3rd in the Atlantic and the two wild card spots all year long. Now with Campbell they will be able to give Fredrick Anderson a little bit of a break down the stretch and try and keep him fresh for the playoffs. Here’s a look at the full trade details...

Toronto Receives: (G)Jack Campbell and (F)Kyle Clifford

Los Angeles Receives: (F)Trevor Moore, 2020 3rd round pick, 2021 3rd round pick(Conditional)

This could be the best move the Leafs could’ve made as Anderson has been solid all year and giving him someone behind him they can rely on to win games will be huge for them down the stretch.

Penguins Add Zucker

As per usual at this time of year the Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the first teams to make a big trade. On February 10th they acquired Jason Zucker from the Minnesota Wild. This is a player they have been trying to get since last summer and finally the pieces came together and they were able to land their guy. The Penguins have been good all season even without the likes of Crosby and Malkin who have both missed time this year. They sit right behind the capitals for 2nd place in the competitive Metro division. Could Zucker be the move that helps lead them on another Cup run? We will just have to wait and see.

Pittsburgh Receives: Jason Zucker(F)

Minnesota Receives: Alex Galchenyuk(F), Calen Addison(D), 2020 Conditional 1st round pick

New Jersey Devils Fire Sale Begins:

The New Jersey Devils had big expectations coming into the season and they have severely underperformed. I thought it would be on the deadline day that they would make most of their moves but they got started a little early. On February 16th they made two trades in what will most likely be the start of a busy week for them.

New Jersey Receives: 2021 2nd round pick, David Quenneville(D)

Islanders Receives: Andy Greene(D)

Devils Receives: Nolan Foote(F), 2020 1st Round Pick

Tampa Bay Receives: Blake Coleman

Players most likely packing their bags:

JG Pageau(F) Ottawa Senators:

Pageau comes in at number 4 on the trade bait list thanks to TSN but I believe he is the most likely to be moved and it’s almost guaranteed. Teams in the playoff hunt are always looking to add scoring depth and he fits that role perfectly. It would probably take a 2nd round pick to get him and for teams like the Bruins, Lightning, Blues and Avalanche that’s not a bad price to pay to add a guy that could help bring your team a Stanley Cup.

Chris Krieder(F) New York Rangers-

The top name on the trade bait list and for a good reason. He’s fast, can score, and brings energy. Three things that every cup contending team looks for. Plus his contract is up at the end of the year which means if he sucks you let him walk. There have been talks of him and the Rangers trying to work out a new deal however, if that doesn’t happen before the 24th you can bet he will be getting moved.

Sami Vatanen(D) New Jersey Devils:

The 28 year old defenseman is having another productive year despite being on the Devils who are one of the worst teams in the league. Teams making a playoff push are always looking for help on the back end and Vatanen would be a great addition to any team espically a team maybe like the Florida Panthers....while they have some solid guys back there Vatanen would really solidify their defense core.

Andreas Athanasiou(F) Detroit Red Wings:

The Red Wings suck, plain and simple theres no other way to put it. They need more draft picks to help get their rebuild in full motion and Athanasiou will be the guy to bring them some. He’s not a super skilled guy but has shown flashes that he can produce and I think all it will take is for him to be on a team with guys that actually belong in the NHL.

Players not going anywhere:

Shayne Gostisbehere(D) Philadelphia Flyers-

Ghost has had his name thrown around trade rumors a lot over the last two seasons. His name is once again a hot topic and I do think he will be moved eventually...That being said it is not going to happen at the trade deadline. I can't see a team giving up a lot for him at the deadline especially with how bad he has been playing this year and the fact that he has been injured. So for that reason I can see Ghost staying in the orange and black until at the draft in June then you will probably see him traded.

Kasperi Kapanen(F) Toronto Maple Leafs-

The 23 year old seems to be the odd man out in Toronto as he has yet to make a big enough impact to warrant a contract extension or solidify his spot in the Leafs lineup. He is another hot topic when it comes to trade rumors and could bring the Leafs a big return if they deal him. The Maple Leafs are making a push to the playoffs and I don't see them giving Kapanen away to another team trying to make a push for the playoffs and I also don't see him getting traded to a team out of the playoff race. He is another guy I could see being moved after the season as Toronto could even get more for him if he plays well down the stretch.

Alexander Georgiev(G) New York Rangers-

The New York Rangers would be so stupid to give up this 24 year old stud goaltender. The fact that his name is even brought up is wild to me. They have two young goaltenders that they could build around and here they are talking about moving on from one of them...The smart thing for them to do would be to trade King Henrik...I know its not a popular opinion but he's older and the Rangers aren't a team that is going to make the playoffs and trading him to a team that is looking to add a veteran goaltender could help expedite their rebuild. Getting rid of Georgiev would be a mistake as good young goaltenders don't just fall off of trees. Simply because it would be beyond stupid for them to do this, I don't see him getting traded on or before deadline day.

Most active teams:

Detroit Red Wings- They are going to try and ship out anyone that they can to try and stock pile draft picks to get their full rebuild in motion.

Boston Bruins-A team that is always looking to find a way to get better before the playoffs. This year will be no different as they are already being attached to a lot of names that could be on the move.

New Jersey Devils- Another team in the process of a rebuild I fully expect them to make a lot of moves to try and get some more draft picks.

Washington Capitals- The Caps will be looking to add one or two pieces to sure up their roster before the playoffs. I am expecting them to add a depth player on offense and defense.

I don't have any inside information so this is all just my thoughts based off my observations throughout the season so far. As you have seen we have already had some pretty big names get shipped to different teams but, there are still plenty of big names that could be on the move. I will be planted on my couch all day on the 24th so any trade that gets made we will know about it and I will get the information out to you as soon as possible. Make sure you stay with Ginger Thread as we will have complete coverage on deadline day.


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