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No, The NHL Shouldn't Have a 24 Team Playoff...

We should be in the middle of a Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup run right now but, we're not and it sucks. The NHL season is still suspended and we aren’t sure when or if it will be coming back. Everyone is throwing ideas out there for what the season/playoffs could look like when play returns. One of the ideas that is gaining a lot of traction is the idea of ending the regular season and going straight to the playoffs with a 24 team format. While I miss the best sport on the planet more than anyone, I am so far out on this idea for a lot of reasons. Before I get into all the reasons I fucking hate this idea, let’s take a look at the potential playoff bracket...

Don’t get me wrong it looks cool and we would have some great matchups. At the end of the day, if this is what needs to happen to get hockey back, then fine I’ll deal with it. But for now let’s get into why it’s a stupid idea...

First off, as a Flyers fan I want absolutely nothing to do with this format. We would have a first round bye which a lot of people wouldn’t mind but I would hate it. We would have to play against either the Penguins or Canadiens...neither of them scare me, what does scare me is they would be coming off of a series which means they would have their legs under them while the Flyers would be playing for the first time in who knows how long. Maybe I’ve been hurt by the Flyers too much in my life, but I know how that 2nd series would go and we wouldn’t win. It figures the year we are actually a good team it’s gonna not be beneficial for us. Typical Flyers luck if you ask me.

Secondly, we are far enough into the season to where a team like the Montreal Canadiens shouldn’t even have the chance to play for the Cup. They would've needed a fucking miracle down the stretch to have a chance at the playoffs and now just because we want to crown a champion and make it as fair as possible they are going to get the chance?!? Get the hell outta here. At least in the Western conference all of the teams that would make it had a legit chance to make the playoffs while in the East really only the Rangers, Islanders, and Panthers have a reason to want this format.

My opinion is finish the regular season out whether it is the full 82 games or if they shorten it to like 75 or something, then have the normal playoffs. Hell, id even be okay shortening the first round to a best of 5 if it has to. But please for the love of god let’s not give teams that have no bussiness being there in the first place a chance to ruin the playoffs.


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