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NXT Takeover Portland Preview:

This Sunday we have the first NXT Takeover of 2020 as for the first time in a long time WWE chose not to run one during Royal Rumble weekend. We have a huge card on Sunday with some great matches Including four, that’s right FOUR Championship matches! I am super excited for this one as Takeovers are always some of the best shows that WWE puts on. I expect this Sunday to be no different so let’s take a look at how Sundays event shapes up...

Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs Tegan Nox-

Former best friends turned bitter enemies, a classic story for WWE. This started backed at Takeover WarGames when Dakota Kai attacked her best friend and WarGames teammate Tegan Nox. It was a major turn and one that I don’t think many expected. Nonetheless, it has lead to a great feud between these two and this street fight stipulation will only make the hatred even more intense. This feels like it just the start for these two and I expect this feud to carry into the Takeover during Wrestlemania weekend.

Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano-

Two words, and no it’s not suck it...Dream Match. Two of the very best in the professional wrestling world going head to head, sign me up for 1000 of these matches. These two are going to tear the house down and this is easily going to be a match of the year candidate. Finn Balor shocked the world when he re-debut in NXT and took out Johnny Gargano after looking like he was coming to his rescue. This is a match that has been being built for months and we finally get to see these two greats battle it out. Gargano is looking to prove that NXT is his show and Balor is looking to prove that Gargano will never be on the same level as him. This is the match I am most excited for and can not wait to watch it. I promise you, you will not want to miss this.

NXT Tag Championship: Undisputed Era vs Riddle and Dunne-

The Dusty Rhodes Classic winners Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle aka the Broserweights challenge the NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. We know how great of a team the Undisputed Era is as they have proven time and time again they are the best in the division. As for Riddle and Dunne, this team has gained the spotlight over the last few weeks as two of the best singles competitors have come together to form a great tag team. I expect this match to be fast paced and hard hitting and it should be an absolute showcase for how great tag team wrestling can be. This is another match that could easily steal the show as we have four of the best getting together at the same time.

North American Championship: Keith Lee(c) vs Dominick Dijakovic-

Keith Lee has been on a roll since his performance at Survivor Series. He recently captured the NXT North American Championship as he defeated Rodrick Strong on an episode of NXT a few weeks back. He will face a familiar face as he defends his title against Dominick Dijakovic in what should be a clash of titans. We have seen this match a few times and every time they seem to outdo the last one. More than likely we will hear some "Fight Forever!" chants on Sunday night, as with the title on the line these guys are going to go to war.

Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley(c) vs Bianca Belair-

Two women who have really made a name for themselves over the last few months. Ripley who was a star in NXT UK has now captured the American NXT fan base as she was able to dethrone Shayna Baszler for the Women's Championship. Now she will have the task of defending that title against one of the top rising stars in WWE, Bianca Belair. The EST of NXT put on a hell of a show at the Royal Rumble and has carried that momentum with her as she presents herself as a legitimate threat to Ripley's title. With Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair looming, one of these women will have to have the match of their life to make sure they walk out as NXT Women's Champion.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa-

Daddy's coming to get Goldie...Tommaso Ciampa is on a mission to get back the Championship that he never lost. Ciampa has had his sight on Adam Cole since he returned and will not stop until he gets back the NXT Championship(Goldie). Adam Cole's run as champion has been great and he has beaten some of the top names in NXT. If he wants to keep that title around his waist he is going to have to go through his toughest opponent yet. This match is going to be physical and you can almost guarantee the Undisputed Era will get involved in one way or another. Could the Undisputed be without any gold by the end of the night? It's a very realistic possibility but you can bet that Fish, O'Reilly, and Strong will do everything they can to help Cole retain his title. The biggest question will be, if those three get involved will anyone come to the aid of Ciampa...

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