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NXT Takeover Toronto Review

The NXT brand delivered once again on Saturday night as Takeover Toronto stole the show on SummerSlam weekend. A huge main event between two of the best in the business today, a incredible triple threat match, and a women's championship match that was better than most expected to be. A night that had the potential to end with the best faction in the WWE holding every title it was a night that was definitely Undisputed. Lets dive right in to our recap.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits(C) vs Undisputed Era:

The Street Profits are one of the hottest things going in the WWE right now as they recently have been getting a lot of tv time on Raw, Smackdown Live and even on PPVs. While they haven't officially been called up and have yet to have a main roster match, there was a strong possibility they were going to drop the titles on Saturday night. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly were looking to take care of that and bring the tag team titles back to the Undisputed Era for a third time. This was a great match to open the show and really get the crowd into it not that they weren't already pumped up. It was back and forth the entire way with both teams coming within a second of winning the tag team championships. Fish and O'Reilly looked better than ever and Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins looked just as good. Montez Ford had some great high flying moves that really were impressive. In the end it was Dawkins hitting a spear on both Fish and O'Reilly and then Ford hit a frog splash on O'Reilly for the pinfall and the win for the Street Profits.

IO Shirai vs Candice LeRae:

This match was two former friends going against each other. IO Shirai after losing to Shayna Baszler for the NXT Womens Championship snapped on LeRae ending their friendship. This match was really physical from the start as you could feel the hatred these two have for each other with each move. IO Shirai as a heel fits her really well as she does a really good job of being the bad guy. It took Candice LeRae a little while before she was able to get some offense in. When she did though my god she looked good I was really impressed with what she was able to do. Shirai would prove to be too much in the end though as she put her in a submission and LeRae would pass out and Shirai picked up the win.

North American Championship Match: Velveteen Dream(C) vs Pete Dunne vs Rodrick Strong:

Three of the best single competitors in NXT today going face to face for the North American Championship and this match easily would have been the match of the night if it wasn't for Cole and Gargano. These three battled in a back and forth fight with all three coming so close to winning the title. I am more impressed with Dream every time I watch him as he really is just incredible in the ring. Pete Dunne is such an old school brawler and is going to be a star for a long time. Roddy Strong since joining the Undisputed Era has really shined in all the matches he's been in. This match was pretty much everything we could've asked for and more the action was non stop throughout the whole thing. Each guy hit their best moves and the crowd was behind everything they did. Velveteen dream hit a coast to coast elbow drop on Dunne and it was freaking insane. This match could've went on all night and I don't think it ever would've gotten boring. It looked like we were going to be crowning a new champion as Dream was out of the picture as Strong and Dunne did battle and Strong hit his finisher and as he went for the pin Dream hit a splash off the top rope and stole the victory to retain his title.

NXT Womens Championship Match: Shayna Baszler(C) vs Mia Yim:

This match was actually pretty solid, I for one am just not a fan of Shayna Baszler. Her matches to me are typically boring and on top of that her opponent Mia Yim doesn't really excite me that much either so I was not really invested in this match at all. It was more exciting than I thought it would be but I never really thought there was a chance that Yim would win. As just about everyone expected Baszler retained her title here as she locked in the head triangle with her legs and forced Yim to tap out to retain her title.

NXT Championship Match 2 out of 3 Falls: Adam Cole(C) vs Johnny Gargano

Finally it was time for what everyone was waiting for, Cole vs Gargano 3 in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Championship match. Cole picked the stipulation for the first fall and it was a regular wrestling match, Gargano picked a street fight for the second fall, and William Regal picked the third fall.

First Fall- The first fall was your classic wrestling match that was an absolutely clinic showing off how great both of theses guys are. It was back and forth as you could of expected and Gargano was in control for most of the match. Adam Cole would not go down easily though as Gargano hit him with his best shots and Cole was still able to kick out. Cole would hit Gargano with a low blow that looked like it was going to end the first fall but Gargano kicked out. The fall wouldn't last much longer though as Gargano brought a steel chair into the ring and purposely got himself disqualified and put Cole up 1-0.

Second Fall- A good ole fashioned street fight was the stipulation for the second fall and these two fought almost all over the arena. Gargano dominated for the most part as he hit Cole with just about anything he could find. Gargano hit Cole with a crossbody through the barricade and shortly after that Gargano would put Cole through the announce table. The constant action was incredible just like every other time these guys have fought. The action made it back to the ring where Gargano would apply the Gargano Escape and forced Adam Cole to tap out evening the score at 1-1.

Third Fall- Did anyone actually think this one wasn't going to go all three falls? You played yourself if you thought it wouldn't. We had a Steel Cage from hell for the third fall, weapons were placed all along the cage and the top was surrounded with barbed wire and there was no escape the only way to win was by pinfall or submission.

Every time you think these two can't raise the bar any higher, they go and prove you wrong time and time again. The third fall was the best of out of the three it was amazing to see how much these guys still had left after going through the first two falls. The weapons inside the cage made it 100 times more exciting than a regular cage match. The action didn't slow down either Cole hit Gargano with two super kicks in a row only to have Gargano bounce off the ropes and hit Cole with a massive clothesline. The action would continue as Gargano sprayed Cole with a fire extinguisher and then hit him with a tornado DDT on top of a steel chair. This looked really bad as it actually looked like Cole really nailed his face on the top part of the chair but he was able to continue the match.

Adam Cole would end up hitting Gargano with two Panama City sunrises but somehow Gargano was able to kick out. Gargano would go back to the attack and would setup two tables towards the one side of the cage. He would also cut a piece of the barbed wire and Cole would try to escape the cage to get away from Gargano. The two would meet at the top of the cage fighting on a table that was set up. Fist would be exchanged and as Gargano went to hit Cole with the barbed wire Cole stopped Gargano and launched both men off the top of the cage through a table. Cole would roll over and put an arm over Gargano and would pick up the victory to retain his NXT Championship.

This was one of the greatest matches I have ever watched. All three falls were extremely entertaining and when the crowd was chanting "fight forever" honestly by all means let these guys fight forever and I don't think anyone would complain. Where do both of them go from here though? Cole will more than likely have a new challenger step up to him and as for Johnny Wrestling, we may have seen his last match in NXT. He has accomplished everything he could have and more. Now would be the best time for Gargano to get a call up to the main roster, you just have to hope they don't waste him.

If it was the last time that we see Johnny Gargano in NXT he will go down as one of the best of all time. Overall, as usual NXT Takeover delivered the best show of the weekend and it wasn't even close. Honestly, there was not a bad match on the card and the action was non stop the entire show. If you missed it go back and watch it as soon as you can, and if you did watch it, go back and watch it again because it was that awesome. I am not 100% sure when the next Takeover event is but I believe that it's not until November during Survivor Series weekend.

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