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NXT Takeover XXV Recap

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A history making night for the NXT brand and my oh my did it deliver.Every match on this card was fantastic. After the success of AEW Double or Nothing last weekend, WWE needed something to counter it. As the main shows suck right now meaning Raw and Smackdown, you can always count on NXT to come up with great quality matches and storytelling. Also if you don't think the Undisputed Era is the best faction in WWE just take a look at this card as their presence is all over it all four of these guys are incredible. So let's jump right into the action in case you missed the show.

Matt Riddle Vs Rodrick Strong:

As I said in the beginning of this post the Undisputed Era had its fingerprints all over this card. It started with Rodrick Strong as he had the tough task of taking on Matt Riddle. This match was everything it was capable of and more. These two battled in a physical match that could have gone either way as both of these guys had moments where it looked like they had won the match. Roddy Strong doesn't get enough credit for how good he actually is as much as I love him in Undisputed Era I would also love to see him in a match against each of the other three members. As for Matt Riddle this dude is todays version of Rob Van Dam(RVD). He is so great in the ring, for a guy that started in MMA it is clear that he was meant for professional wrestling. Both men are great technical wrestlers as well and this match had it all. Some of the combos that Matt Riddle was able to connect with were awesome. Strong didn't let Riddle get all of the great moments though as he had some great move combos of his own. In the end though Rodrick Strong fell just short as Matt Riddle was able to hit him with his finisher and Riddle picked up the win. This was a great match to kick off the show as it got the crowd into right away.

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Fatal Four Way Ladder Match NXT Tag Team Championships:

As Mauro Ranallo would say..MAMA MIA!!! This match was absolutely insane from start to finish, there has not been a ladder match this good in a long time. This was match of the night in my opinion, even though the main event was just as good. We had the Street Profits vs Fish and O'Reilly Vs The Forgotten Sons Vs Lorcan and Burch. All four of these teams put on a hell of a show, this match was brutal with so many big spots. Just when you thought they couldn't do anything else the incredible moves kept on coming. The third member of the Forgotten Sons Jaxson Ryker got involved and had taken out every one until the three other teams joined forces to take him and the other two Forgotten Sons out. That didn't last long though as the Forgotten Sons were able to make their way back as the other three teams had taken each other out. They were climbing the ladder until Angelo Dawkins hit a spear on Steve Cutler and a few seconds latter Montez Ford leaped onto the ladder and knocked off Blake and pulled down the titles giving the Street Profits the win and their first championship in NXT.

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Velveteen Dream Vs Tyler Breeze: NXT North American Championship:

These two had the tough task of following up the incredible ladder match that we had just seen and man they did just fine. Tyler Breeze proved that he still is a great performer as he looked like the Breeze of old. Velveteen Dream showed once again why he is the best up and coming star in WWE and put on another great match. You sort of figured that Breeze wasn't going to come back and pick up the win but it was still a great match that went back and forth until the end. Dream ended up picking up the win and retaining his NXT North American Championship.

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Shayna Baszler Vs IO Shirai NXT Womens Championship:

In a match that was about Io Shirai getting revenge on Baszler for attacking her friend Kairi Sane it got physical quick. This was another back and forth match with each women hitting their fair share of great moves. Baszlers friends Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke tried to get involved but, Io Shirai had some help of her own in the form of Candice LeRae. Running down to the ring with a kendo stick in her hand, LeRae took out Duke and Shafir to keep the match 1 on 1. However, in the end it didn't matter as Baszler was still able to get Shirai to tap out to continue her Championship reign. After the match we saw a different side of Shirai that saw her snap and attack Baszler with a kendo stick and a steel chair. This is surely setting up for what looks to be a long physical feud between this two great competitors.

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Adam Cole Vs Johnny Gargano NXT Championship:

What started as a slow technical wrestling match turned in to an all out barn burner. These two countered each other so much it was great. Adam Cole focused on the right knee of Johnny Gargano all match long while Gargano focused on the shoulder of Cole. Neither man took full control of this match the entire time it was back and forth the whole way. There was a sequence where they exchanged super kicks and both ended up outside the ring and just made it back in before the 10 count. As Gargano got back on the Apron he hit Cole with a springboard DDT and it was awesome. Soon after that, Gargano put Cole in a hurricanrana that he turned into the Gargano Escape. Luckily for Cole he was able to break out of it and the match continued. This match only got better from here, Gargano went for a suicide dive to the outside but Cole connected with a super kick to Gargano in mid air. Right after that Cole used the Panama Sunrise and hit it on Gargano to outside floor. As the Action got back in the ring Cole tried beating Gargano with his own finisher the Gargano Escape, Johnny was able to counter and hit Cole with his own finisher the last shot. Adam Cole was able to kick out at 2. This incredible match just kept getting better as they exchanged moves until Cole struck Gargano with the last shot but somehow Gargano kicked out. I really thought it was over here. Adam Cole tried to resort to a steel chair but the referee tried to stop him. Gargano intended to hit Cole with a suicide dive but connected with the ref instead knocking him out. As Cole went to hit Gargano with the chair Gargano hit him with a super kick with the chair bouncing back into Cole's face. The crowd chanted "This is awesome!" as the action continued into the ring. Gargano countered Cole as he went to hit the Panama Sunrise. Gargano, who's right knee Cole had been working on all match gave out on him and Cole was able to hit the Panama Sunrise from the second rope and then finished it off with the last shot and covered Gargano for the 1,2,3. An absolutely incredible match that saw the crowning of a new NXT Champion...ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!

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