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One More Win:Stanley Cup Final Game 7 Preview:

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Well, it all comes down to this, the two best words in all of sports... game 7. The Boston Bruins and St.Louis Blues will do battle one last time to determine the Stanley Cup Champion. The series has been back and forth and that is why we are all tied at 3-3. The TD Garden will play host to the final game of the NHL season tonight and it should be a crazy atmosphere. You can watch the game tonight at 8pm EST on NBC.

I was going to stick with the same thing as my last few previews but I decided to change things up. Why? Because it's game 7, there is nothing left to say about this series. If you have watched any of the first six games you will see that these teams are so evenly matched. The Blues and Bruins will leave everything out on the ice for a chance to lift the greatest trophy in all of sports the Stanley Cup.

The hardest trophy to win in all of sports will be decided in 60 minutes of hockey or more if we get lucky and the game goes to overtime. Do yourself a favor tonight even if you have never watched a hockey game in your life, turn on NBC and watch the most exciting game in all of sports.

I have tried to stay unbiased the whole series as I am not actually a fan of either of these teams. But I've been pulling for the Blues to win for a lot of different reasons. My heart wants the Blues to win but my head is saying that the Bruins won't lose a game 7 at home. With all that being said...There is no chance in hell i'm listening to my head. You know why? BECUASE IT TAKES HEART TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP BABY!!!! SO LET'S PLAY GLORIA ALL NIGHT LONG, LETS BEAT THE BRUINS, AND MY GOD LETS WIN THIS FOR THAT LITTLE GIRL WHO HAS CANCER LAILA ANDERSON WHO WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE FOR GAME 7. LETS GO BLUES!!

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