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Philadelphia Eagles 7 Round Mock Draft

We are getting closer and closer to the NFL Draft and there are still some positions that the Philadelphia Eagles to need address. They've made some great signings so far in free agency but haven't really added more weapons for Carson Wentz. In my opinion the defense is fine right now and you can focus more on the offensive side of the ball for the draft. I think a cornerback is still needed but offense should be the top priority. So, I put on my GM hat put on some game tape and got to work.

Now, the simulator I used didn't have any trade option so we are just doing this draft based on the current picks that the Eagles have without trading up or down. Now that being said, I do think there is a chance the Eagles trade up in the first round to try and grab one of the WR they want. I didn't have that option so I had to go based off of what the computer thinks the teams in front of them are going to do. Grab your notepads and get ready as here we go for our 7 round Philadelphia Eagles mock draft....

Round 1 Pick 21: Justin Jefferson(WR) LSU

If you watched the College Football playoff or LSU at all last year then you know exactly who Justin Jefferson is. In his two seasons as a starter at LSU he was an absolute monster. He had 165 receptions for 2,415 yards and 24 touchdowns in two years. Incredible numbers if I do say so myself. I mean this guy is a game changer and he proved that in the College Football playoff game against Oklahoma where he had 14 receptions for 227 yards and 4 touchdowns. That's right FOUR! It was an insane performance as LSU rolled Oklahoma on their way to becoming the National Champions. As of this blog the Eagles slot WR is Greg Ward JR...Yes when he stepped in last year he was helpful and played better than most thought. But, I'm not confident in him being a consistent go to slot WR all year long. Now if you put Justin Jefferson there instead..Oh my lanta Carson Wentz would have a field day with him. Now of course the real NFL Draft could pan out different but regardless If i'm Howie Roseman I'd be doing whatever I could to make sure we can grab Jefferson.

Round 2 Pick 53: Malik Harrison(LB) Ohio State

When it comes to defense the Eagles are set up front as they added Javon Hargrave to go along with an already stacked front four. For as good as they are up front the linebacker situation is pretty ugly. It doesn't look like they will be addressing it in free agency so they better be focusing on it at the draft. Who better than Malik Harrison to be that guy. He played four years at Ohio State(Three as a starter) who has had a great defense over pretty much the last decade. At 6'3 240LBS he is a big dude who is also pretty quick as he ran a 4.66 4o yard dash at the combine. He would be a great addition to the Eagles defense and could step in and be a starter right away. He still has some growing to do and it will definitely be an adjustment to the NFL for him but I think he would be the best linebacker on the team if he's drafted by the Eagles.

Round 3 Pick 103: Terrell Burgess(S) Utah

An interesting few moves were made with the secondary of the Eagles during this free agency period. Malcom Jenkins they let walk, Ronald Darby is most likely gone, Jalen Mills is moving to safety, and they traded for Darius Slay. Rodney McLeod was brought back and as of now it looks like it will be him and Mills as your starting safety combination. They also did bring in William Parks for some more depth at the position but I don't know how I feel about Mills being the safety. So my solution? Go out and draft one so you have a fallback plan. If he is still there at this pick Terrell Burgess would be an absolute steal. He really impressed everyone at the combine and has been moving up the draft boards. While he didn't have numbers that will blow you away go back and watch some of his highlights as he has proven to be a disruptive force on defense. He is definitely not a starter right away but he could easily step in and play a key role as a backup safety. Don't be shocked when he gets drafted higher than most people thought he would.

Round 4 Pick 127: Saahdiq Charles(OL) LSU

The Eagles offensive line is pretty much set but it never hurts to have someone to develop and thats exactly what Saahdiq Charles would be. The Eagles have moved on from longtime tackle Jason Peters and it is now Andre Dillards time to shine. We have seen how damaging injuries can be when it comes to the offensive line and bringing in a guy with a lot of upside would be a great move. Carson Wentz is the most important part of this Eagles team and we need to make sure he is protected at all cost. Charles would be a work in progress type player but he has a lot of potential. He is a big guy who is very mobile and honestly being a mobile lineman is a key to success for the Eagles offense especially with the way Wentz extends plays. One of the biggest concerns with Charles is his off the field issues as he missed 6 games last season due to disciplinary reasons. Obviously, you hope he learned from his mistakes but that could be a reason he drops in the draft.

Round 4 Pick 145: Collin Johnson(WR) Texas

I was shocked to see his name still here when I did my mock draft. This dude is an absolute stud wide receiver. At 6'6 220LBS he would have a chance to make an immediate impact on this Eagles team. Johnson played four season at Texas and finished his career with 188 receptions, 2624 Yards, and 15 Touchdowns. Solid numbers overall and would have been better had it not been for injuries. He may lack the speed that you might desire as a big threat WR but his size makes up for that. Johnson is the type of WR you can throw it up to and more likely than not he is coming down with it. Putting him into an offense with Carson Wentz would be a major step in Johnson's development and could be a key part of the Eagles offense.

Round 4 Pick 146: Reggie Robinson II(CB) Tulsa

If you couldn't tell already I'm a little worried about the Eagles secondary. Yes, the Darius Slay addition is huge but I'm still nervous. That's why I am all for them drafting a couple of guys to help add some depth. I'd be lying if I said I actually watched any Tulsa games this year but after researching some of the cornerbacks in the draft Reggie Robinson is one that stood out to me. He played four seasons at Tulsa and was pretty consistent during that time. His last season may have been his best though as he finished with 38 total tackles and 4 interceptions. With Mills moving to safety there is some room for young guys to step in and earn a roster spot.

Round 5 Pick 169: Cameron Brown(LB) Penn State

Yup, more defense for the Birds as they add another linebacker here. Cameron Brown from Penn State as he was one of the best available players left during this mock draft. He is 6'5, 233LBS and played three years at Penn State on their great defense. He had 72 total tackles last year to go along with 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries. If you watched Penn State play you heard his name called a lot and it was usually for a good reason. If the Eagles could add him late in the draft he could benefit greatly from getting a lot of snaps due to the lack of true starter talent in the Eagles linebacker core.

Round 6 Pick 191: Myles Bryant(CB) Washington

Last pick of the draft for the Eagles and yup that's right I went with another defensive back. I'm telling you I would rather be safe than sorry as to me DB and linebacker are the two biggest needs that the Eagles have. This brings us Myles Bryant the cornerback from Washington who played four seasons and started in three of them. I don't know all that much about him but he is small. That is one of the biggest downsides to him as he is only 5'9, 185LBS. On the plus side though, he plays bigger than he is and doesn't let his size get in the way of his game. Another reason I like him is because he is small and is constantly being told he's too small that means he plays with a chip on his shoulder. I love those kinds of players because no matter what they will give you everything they got on every snap. We need that energy on defense and id be very happy if he is the pick in this spot.

So there ya have it folks, the 7 round mock draft for the Philadelphia Eagles. We added two weapons on the offensive side of the ball and addressed the needs at LB and CB. Free Agency is still going on so there is still time that we see a few more signings and trades which could change up the draft strategy. But, this is what my draft for the Eagles would look like right now if no other moves were made before the draft. So, Howie if you're reading this and are looking for some help in the war room, my schedule is clear so hit me up and lets build a roster to get us back to the Super Bowl...Go Birds baby!!!


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