• Keith Walsh

Red Hot Thoughts: Fireworks are overrated

Welcome to another edition of Red Hot Thoughts. It’s 4th of July and everybody is celebrating Merica. Now, when you think of 4th of July you think of barbecues, beaches, freedom, and fireworks. If you’ve been following along with the blog you know by now that I hate hot dogs. If you don’t agree you’re wrong and I hate you.

Well I’m about to drop another bombshell on you all...fireworks are stupid and overrated. Seriously, what the hell is the point of them? Half the time they don’t even look cool. Every time I’ve seen fireworks it’s always a bunch of little shitty ones that go on for like 15 minutes only to end with a bunch of big shitty ones.

Now if you’re someone that goes somewhere to sit there and watch fireworks please explain it to me why you would go somewhere strictly to watch fireworks. Unless I can see them from where I’m already at honestly I could care less about them.

Dont even get me started on the guy who every year acts like he knows what he’s doing and buys “the best” fireworks from the crackhead on the corner who most likely stole them In the first place. There’s always one idiot that does this and ends up sending fireworks into the neighbors yard and nearly kills someone. Don’t be that guy.

For the love of god think about the DOGGOS! 98.89% of dogs cant stand fireworks(This is a real stat dont look it up.) and there are a lot of them that get lost because they get so scared. So from this point on if you like fireworks you hate dogs, those is the rules.

So to end this rant, unless your buying the fireworks that make words show up in the sky or championship winning fireworks I’m not interested. Fireworks are dumb and if you’re going to light them up make sure you blow up all the hot dogs to at least make it worth it.

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