• Keith Walsh

Red Hot Thoughts: Hot Dogs Suck!

Photo Credit:(Men's Health)

It's another edition of #RedHotThoughts and im bringing up a not so popular opinion for this one....Hot dogs suck. That's right, it's summertime and you can smell the bbq in the air burgers and dogs on the grill. But for me, i'll take a burger and that's it, honestly get the dogs off the grill because they're disgusting. I would say that just about everyone I know loves hot dogs and I just don't understand it at all. I have tried eating one with nothing on it and I've tried eating one with condiments on it. Neither way is any good,whether its the pork or the beef kind they are both equally as bad. Now, if I have no other choice but to eat a hot dog whether it's to not be rude to the host of a party or if it's literally the only thing there, the only way I can eat it is with a ridiculous amount of mustard and ketchup. Even drenched with ketchup and mustard a hot dog is still the most disgusting thing ever. I am tired of hearing about how good hot dogs are because they aren't they flat out suck. Another thing, enough with the is a hot dog a sandwich? The answer is no, it's not a sandwich. A hot dog is garbage that's what It is.

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