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Red Hot Thoughts:Top 5 Comedy Movies

Welcome to the 2nd edition of #RedHotThoughts we’re sticking with the movie theme here and going with top 5 comedy movies. So without further ado let’s get to the list...

1.Tommy Boy (1995)

A classic. Simple as that, as I was making this list this was the only movie I could see as number 1. There are so many great one liners and Chris Farley and David Spade are great together. From the opening scene this movie never stops coming with the laughs. Even with the seriousness of Tommy’s dads death there’s maybe 2 minutes until you get another funny moment. Everything about this movie is pure gold. Fat guy in a little coat, the driving on the highway singing scene, all of it is fantastic. If by now you somehow haven’t seen this movie do yourself a favor and watch it now. “Of course you could get a good look at t-bone by sticking your head up a bulls ass, but wouldn’t you rather take the butchers word for it.”

2. Step Brothers (2008)

Another easily quotable movie with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly playing two 40 year olds who still live at home with their parents. This is an example of a movie you can turn on at anytime and enjoy it’s hilarious. The drum set fight scene is amazing “why are you so sweaty?“ “I was watching cops.” So subtle yet so great. when they are forced to go look for jobs and they wear tuxedos to every interview absolutely hilarious. I don’t know how anyone could not like this movie it’s for sure a top 5 comedy movie of all time.

3. The Hangover (2009)

A truly relatable comedy movie, well at least to some degree. We have all done some dumb stuff being drunk with our friends. Now, have we all lost one of our friends in Vegas? Probably not, but still a great movie. This is another one that is so easy to quote. The rooftop wolfpack speech from Alan is super underrated, it’s one of the funniest moments in the movie. This one also has a lot of one liners that you might miss if you only watch the movie one time. Another great scene is when they get the taser used on them by the kids on a field trip. 10/10 recommend watching this movie as many times as you can because it’s great.

4. Billy Madison(1995)

Imagine being in your mid 30s and having to go back from 1st-12th grade. Well this classic Adam Sandler movie is just that and it’s awesome. He destroys first graders in dodgeball, falls in love with his third grade teacher(Veronica Vaughn), and wins over his dads trust for him to run the company. He does all of this while having to deal with those damn O’Doyles and of course Eric who also wants the company. Chris Farley plays the bus driver and steals 30 kids lunches and agrees that Veronica Vaughn is one hot piece of ace, he knows from experience dude. A classic Adam Sandler movie that’s easy to watch and a top 5 comedy of all time.


“I am Mclovin”...rounding out my list is this great comedy film. Jonah Hill(Seth), Michael Cera(Evan), Seth Rogan(Officer Michaels), and Bill Hader(Officer Slater) I mean this was a movie filled with hilarious people. Add in Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Fogell) and you have one of the best comedies of all time. From start to finish it’s hilarious and even though it’s set as they are in high school it’s nothing like a high school movie. The old lady in the grocery store telling Seth in his day dream of her buying him alcohol to “have fun F****ing Jules.” Is probably one of my favorite parts in the movie along with the soccer scene:“Calm down Greg it’s soccer.” Another great comedy movie that I could watch anytime. If you haven’t seen it you need to come out of the rock youve been living under and watch this great film.

Thats it for my list of top 5 comedy movies. Let me know what your top 5 would be. Make sure you keep a look out for some more Red Hot Thoughts!

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