• Keith Walsh

Slidergate. Is It Really Cheating?

Tallahassee, Fla.-- Last Night #1 Florida State Seminoles knocked off the #5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a thriller. Led by offensive coordinator Gus Duggerton(AKA @BarstoolBigCat) and his high powered offense, FSU was able to hold on and pick up the 35-32 win. It was a classic Friday night primetime showdown between two of the top teams in the nation and it did not disappoint.

Now, You would think the biggest story coming out of the night would be the Seminoles beating the Catholics on Good Friday...However, that wasn't the case. The big talk coming out of the game was the accusations of the adjusting of the sliders. Now, coach Duggs did admit to messing with the sliders even before the game as he was quoted saying "I did something for the people, I did a little something for the people. I'm on Heisman mode, I've had a couple drinks okay, so yea I fucked with the sliders." That brings me to the question, is it really cheating if he told everyone he messed with them? To be fair he gave Brian Kelly and Notre Dame a fair warning that the sliders had been compromised and it is their fault for not being more prepared. In my opinion Coach Duggs did the honorable thing and announced pregame that he messed with the sliders. Therefore, any advantage he had was gone and it was another disappointing primetime performance by Brian Kelley and the Fighting Irish.

Coach Duggs was unavailable for a comment but took to twitter to voice his frustrations over the allegations...

There were also allegations of some recruiting violations that came up as well, here’s Duggerton's response...

It is safe to say that the Duggerton era at FSU has been nothing short of controversial and it will be interesting to see if this effects the team going forward.


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