• Keith Walsh

The Bin Laden Game

May 1, 2011-Nine years ago today the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets had a showdown on Sunday Night Baseball. An early season division game that typically wouldn’t be remembered nine years later. But this game will be remembered and talked about for many years to come and not because it was an instant classic on the field. May 1st 2011 was the night we found out Seal Team 6 had killed Osama Bin Laden.

I was lucky enough to be in attendance for this game(shoutout to my uncle Dan for getting the tix.)It was me, my uncle, and two of my buddies. We we’re sitting down the first base line, had to have been 15-20 rows off the field. To this day I couldn’t tell you much about the action on the field, all I know is the game went 14 innings and the Phillies lost. We stayed for the entire game the final score was 2-1 and we didn’t get out of there until almost 1:00am.

Twitter wasn’t as big as it is today but it was definitely growing and becoming more and more popular. I remember having notifications on my phone from ABC news and it popped up that President Obama was going to be holding a press conference that night. I remember thinking how strange it was the President was having a press conference on a Sunday night that just doesn’t happen unless something big is going down. The game was a low scoring pretty uneventful game so like most people in attendance I was refreshing social media to see what this press conference would be about. As word started spreading throughout the stadium I just remember the internet service was so slow due to the high volume of people being on it in the stadium trying to find out what was going on. Everyone was on their phones it was almost if the baseball game had stopped.

As the ninth was going on those glorious chants of "USA, USA, USA!" started to echo throughout Citizens Bank Park. It was incredible to see how the news was spreading through the stadium as no announcement was made and people were just going off of what they saw on social media and relaying the message to the people around them. We had finally killed the son of a bitch responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

People were cheering and celebrating all over the stadium and it had nothing to do with the game being played. It was a wild scene and an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. Easily one of the greatest sporting events I have ever attended and it wasn’t because of the game itself. It was truly incredible experiencing the feeling inside the stadium that night and how we all put aside the logos on the jerseys and just celebrated one of the most important American victories of all time.


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