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Red Hot Thoughts: Top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies:

Welcome to the third edition of Red Hot Thoughts. Who doesn't love a good ole Disney Channel Original Movie? I'm not talking about new Disney Channel either, I'm talking the OG Disney Channel. You know, when they would come out with new original movies that were all awesome every couple of months. Well it's time to rank the top 5 for this edition of #RedHotThoughts lets dive in:

1. Phantom of The MegaPlex

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Talk about one of your all time thrillers, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. There are so many twist and turns you never see coming.When I think of halloween movies this has to be one of the all time greats. You'll laugh, you'll cry but in the end you will realize you just watched a classic film. Talking about this movie won't be doing it justice so, just watch it for yourself. This is hands down the best Disney Channel Original movie if you haven't seen it you need to watch it. 100/10 would recommend.

2. Full Court Miracle

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There is a little bit of a biased opinion on this movie considering it takes place in Philadelphia for the most part but, it is still an all time classic. The story of an all jewish school basketball team that is just about as bad as all of the years the Sixers were tanking. I mean these guys and their coach at first couldn't care less about the game, that's how bad they were. An incredible underdog story that you just have to see to believe. A bunch of nerd kids that were tired of losing and a perfect Philly type of movie. Out of all of the underdogs to come out of Philly I think I'd rank this Lions team in the top 5 of that list as well..but that's for a future post. If you're a basketball fan and love underdogs you will love this movie.

3.Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

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Food, and baseball could you ask for anything else in a great movie? Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off is an all time Disney Channel original movie and if you don't agree well then fork you. See what I did there..Anyway, lets get into the movie. Eddie's dad wants him to start thinking about his future and possibly using baseball as his way to college. Well there's just one problem Eddie likes cooking more than he likes baseball. He hides his passion for cooking because he constantly gets bullied about it. Eddie ends up making it in to the million dollar cook-off, there is just one problem though. The cook-off is on the same day as his baseball teams championship game, I won't spoil the ending for anyone though. There is plenty of laughs to go along with the suspense of if Eddie chooses the cook-off or the championship game. It is a fantastic movie with a great message in it as well, check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

4.The Even Stevens Movie

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Shia LaBeouf(Louis) before he transformed into what he is today. A Disney Channel original show that was incredible made for an even better movie. A family where the kids are starting to get older and the parents are trying to cherish the time that they have left together. They end up winning a trip to an island for a tv show. A comedy movie filled with plenty of laughs that will also help you appreciate your family a little more. Even Stevens was such a great tv show back in the day and the movie was just as good and that's why it comes in at number 4 on my list.


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Rounding out the list of top five Disney Channel original movies is(Drum Roll) Motocrossed! Another absolutely great movie from 2001 by Disney Channel about a twin brother and sister who love to race dirt bikes. The brother, who's name is Andrew is trying to win a motocross championship when he gets an injury and his dad has to go to Europe to find a replacement rider. However, his sister Andrea who is also a great racer but doesn't have her fathers approval, takes his place while their dad is looking for a replacement. You will have to watch it if you haven't already to find out the rest. This is just like most of the Disney Channel movies where you've got the love story to go along with a kid trying to gain their parents approval. While there have been plenty of great Disney Channel original movies but this one definitely had to be in my top 5.

That's my list of top 5 Disney Channel original movies for this edition of #RedHotThoughts. Let me know what you think and what your top 5 would be!

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