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UFC 248: Romero vs Adesanya Recap

WOW!!!!! What an incredible night of fights I mean coming into this card I wasn't all that excited for it but man was I pleasantly surprised. This card was awesome from the prelims to the main event...Okay maybe not the main event but everything else was great. The action was fast paced and non stop the entire night, there were easily two or three fights that could have gotten fight of the night. If you missed this one I feel for you because you missed a great night of fights. Now, luckily for you I have no life and made sure I was home to watch all of this card. So, if you were out enjoying your Saturday night and didn't get the chance to catch any of the action here is a recap of everything you might have missed...


Middleweight Bout: Deron Winn vs Gerald Meerschaert

We kicked things off in the middleweight division as we had two guys that genuinely don’t like each other go head to head. Deron Winn got caught with a groin shot just a few seconds in to slow the pace. After Winn recovered we got some solid back and forth action for the rest of round one. Winn starting applying more pressure at the end of the round and I gave round one to him 10-9. Round two started with some early pressure by Meerschaert as Winn was eating some pretty heavy shots. Winn connected with a nice hook towards the end of the round but, Meerschaert still took the round 10-9. The final round Winn came out and landed some huge shots and rocked Meerschaert, but Winn couldn’t capitalize. Meerschaert recovered and rocked Winn and kept the pressure on got the takedown, and made Deron Winn tap out.

Result-Gerald Meerschaert via 3rd round submission

Middleweight Bout: Rodolfo Vieira vs Saparbeg Safaro

Well that was quick...Vieira got opened up early with a nasty cut over his eye. That wouldn’t stop him though as this one went to the ground rather quickly. Vieira controlled most of the ground game and he picked up the win after forcing Safaro to tap out.

Result-Rodolfo Vieira via 1st round submission

Lightweight Bout: Austin Hubbard vs Mark O. Madsen

Hubbard came out swinging and caught O.Madsen but Madsen would not be phased. A little bit later in round one, O.Madsen picked up Hubbard and landed a belly to belly suplex which was pretty cool. Hubbard remained on his back for most of the round as O.Madsen kept the pressure on. Round 1 to O.Madsen 10-8 in my book. Round two started on the ground as O.Madsen was putting on a wrestling clinic. Round three was more of a stand up and it benefited Hubbard a little bit more. This one would go to the judges and O.Madsen would get the win.

Result-Mark O.Madsen wins via decision

Bantamweight Bout: Sean O’Malley vs Jose Quinonez

O’Malley made his much anticipated return he started quick with some heavy early shots. Quinonez tried to do make the fight more of his style but O’Malley would have none of it and he caught him with a head kick and finished it with some ground and pound. A great performance after a two year layoff for O’Malley.

Result- Sean O’Malley via 1st round KO/TKO

Main Card-

Welterweight Bout: Alex Oliveira vs Max Griffin

Our first fight on the main card from the welterweight division and it started with some quality action. Oliveira and Griffin came out throwing in round one and it would be Griffin who landed the best shot as he was able to rock Oliveira and scored a takedown. Once they were on the ground neither guy was really able to get much going and it would take us to the end of round one. Round two began with Oliveira landing some big leg kicks on Griffin and also landed a big uppercut that cut Griffin. The referee stopped the fight to have the doctor come in to take a look at the cut and thankfully the fight wasn't stopped. On the restart Oliveira looked sharp and landed some more big leg kicks and a vicious hook. Round two came to a close and I had Oliveira in the lead. The third and final round in a overall great fight and Oliveira started to dominate. He was in control with just over two minutes left in the round and then Griffin was able to change position and get top control. The round would end with Griffin on top and the decision being left up to the judges. It was an extremely close fight and in the end the judges decided that Alex Oliveira would get the win by split decision.

Result- Alex Oliveira via split decision

Welterweight Bout; Neil Magny vs Li Jingliang

Another welterweight showdown for the next fight as Many and Jingliang got off to a slow start. But then it picked up as Li hit Magny with a nice shot but wasn't able to do much after that connected. Magny would apply more pressure towards the end of the first round but the horn would sound before he could do any major damage. Round two would start quick as Magny came out and attempted a flying knee that just missed. Li looked absouley gassed as he was using a lot of energy trying to take Many down but it wasn't successful. Magny really started to dominate this fight as round two continued. The round would end and it couldn't have ended quicker for Li as he was just getting destroyed I mean it was getting ugly. There would be a third round though and Li would need to finish Magny if he wanted to get the win and he came out of the gate with a lot of urgency. In the end, Magny would prove to be too much and picked up the win.

Result-Neil Magny via unanimous decision

Lightweight Bout: Drakkar Klose vs Beneil Dariush

These dudes came out swinging early and often as both of these guys were going for a quick knockout. That didn't happen and Beneil Dariush was able to gain control and got the back of Klose and was attached to him like a backpack for the better part of the round. Dariush was doing everything he could to lock in the rear naked choke but Klose did a great job of not letting him secure the choke. We would head to round number two with Dariush up 1-0. This round was much more exciting as again these two came out throwing huge shots as both guys would get rocked but it would be Darisuh who would hit the biggest shot as he knocked out Klose to pickup the win. An incredible ending to this fight and easily might have been the fight of the night.

Result- Beneil Dariush via KO

Co Main Event Women's Strawweight Bout: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Weili Zhang

Time for the co-main event of the night as the women's straw weight title was on the line as Weili Zhang would have her toughest test yet. Round one of a potential five and it started with the typical feeling out process. Lots of quick leg kicks from both ladies early on and a few big misses before Joanna connected with a big right hand. Both of these ladies looked extremely confident early on with both of them landing some nice shots. Zhang really started coming on and was landing a lot as we came to the end of round one. Round two started with both of them just chucking fist once more. Joanna was finding her range early and looked like she was starting to settle in. Zhang would attempt a takedown that was stuffed by Joanna. Zhang landed some bug shots with just over two minutes left and scored a trip takedown but Joanna was able to get back to her feet quickly. Joanna landed a head kick that looked it stunned Zhang as the round came to a close. A great fight through the first two rounds as we moved to the third round. The pace to this fight was incredible as these chicks just kept getting after it. Joanna was taking some heavy shots but her chin was holding up. Zhang started to look like she was tiring out as the third round moved on as Joanna started taking control of the fight. Zhang tried to work more in the clinch but Joanna did a good job of getting out of it. A great exchange to end the round and for the first time in her career Weili Zhang would be fighting into the Championship rounds. The fourth round was just as exciting as the first three as once again they came out swinging. Both ladies landed some huge shots but both of them proving they had chins of steel. I mean this fight was absolutely insane so much action going on. Four great rounds in the books and we would head to a fifth and final round to determine the champion. The pace slowed a little to start the fifth but picked up after the first two minutes. Zhang landed a shot that looked like it broke Joanna's nose and it like didn't even phase her. Joanna would strike back with some big shots of her own. This one would go the distance and will surely go down as the greatest women's strawweight fight of all time. I mean this was fucking insane and I would not have wanted to be a judge for this one because it was that close. In the end it would be Weili Zhang retaining her title in what was an extremely close fight.

Result-Zhang Weili via split decision

Main event Middleweight Championship Bout: Yoel Romero vs Israel Adesanya

Ummm this one got off to a boring start as Romero was just standing around and Adesanya was bouncing around. Romero was trying to get Adesanya to fight more of a slower paced fight which would benefit Romero. We made it four minutes into the round before we had really anything happen as Romero hit Adesanya with a big hook. A pretty boring first round would come to an end thankfully. Round two started similar to round one until Adesanya went in for a strike and was caught by a hook from Romero. You could tell Adesanya was worried about Romero's power but he finally started throwing some more strikes. Romero would come in with a quick fury of strikes that caught Adesanya a little bit but he was able to survive. Round two came to a close with again not too much action to talk about. Romero was up 2-0 in my opinion. The third round we had a little bit more action early on but still Adesanya was fighting very cautiously. There was more going on towards the end of the round and Adesanya has his best round in the third. Round four again not too much going on in what has been a pretty disappointing fight to this point. Then we get an eye poke to slow this fight even more. After the break Romero landed a takedown but couldn't do much with it. Adesanya had been landing leg kicks almost at will when he threw them and the damage was clear on Romero's leg. We would head to the fifth round and honestly im not sure what the score could even be. The final round in a lackluster fight for the most part would get underway with a chorus of boo's from the fans. Romero would connect with an early hook but Adesanya ate it. The leg kicks were a huge factor as Romero's leg was pretty beat up and it was clearly effecting him. This one ended finally and honestly there was no clear winner with the most exciting thing happening in the last three seconds where Romero was acting like he won and got into the face of Adesanya at the end. We would go to the judges for this one and they decided that Adesanya did enough to win the fight.

Result-Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision

Overall it was a pretty solid night of action with the co-main event being the fight of the night for sure. While the main event did disappoint there were plenty of other great fights throughout the night that made this a great card overall.


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