• Keith Walsh

UFC 249 Needs To Happen

We all need some positive news right now and if there's one sporting event that needs to take place it is UFC 249. Why is this so important? Well because the main event between two of the top lightweights in Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov is a fight we all want to see. We have had this fight scheduled four times already an we have still yet to see these two go at it. Talk about a cursed fight, like its crazy that this could be the fifth time this main event has been cancelled. I could care less if there are fans in attendance but this fight needs to happen. We need to know if Khabib is really the best lightweight right now or if Tony Ferguson is as good as he thinks he is. Until this fight happens the lightweight division will be in limbo. Plus, I need to know which one of these losers my guy Conor gets to take down after he beats Justin Gaethje whenever that fight happens. So Coronavirus if you could kindly fuck off and not get in the way of this incredible main event fight we need to see it would be greatly appreciated. Whether its an empty arena, outdoors in a field, in my apartment, or on the moon this fight needs to happen. I know Dana is doing everything he can to make sure it goes on and im trying to stay positive that we will finally get to see this.


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