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UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira Recap

Another great night of UFC action is in the books and man was it something else. We had 10 fights total and the night was capped off with a Light Heavyweight showdown. I dont know about everyone else but I am really apperciating Dana White and the UFC giving us some sort of live sport action during this time where all other sports are on hold. Being able to watch and bet on these fights have brough back a feeling of normalcy and its been wonderful. So lets take a look at how everything went down on Wednesday night...


Originally scheduled to have five fights on the card, we dropped to four after Karl Roberson failed to make weight and then for medical reasons couldn't compete. So we got the night started a little bit later than originally planned.

Heavyweight Bout: Chase Sherman(11-5-0) vs Isaac Villanueva(0-0-0)

The heavyweights kicked off the night as Isaac Villanueva and Chase Sherman did battle. Sherman was making his return to the UFC and Villanueva was making his debut, something had to give in this one. Round one was fucking great these two were swinging and swinging hard. Sherman was landing some heavy leg kicks and Villanueva wasn't checking them at all so his lead leg got pretty beat up. Villanueva though threw some big shots himself and landed some nice left hooks. Sherman was up 1-0 after the first round and he kept the pressure on. It only took him 49 seconds into round two and he landed some vicious shots and was able to pick up the TKO win.

Result: Chase Sherman via 2nd round TKO

Featherweight Bout: Hunter Azure(7-0-0) vs Brian Kelleher(20-10-0)

Our second fight of the night came from the featherweight division. Kelleher was looking to get a win streak going and Azure was trying to stay undefeated. Round one had a very quick pace to it as these guys were running all around the octagon trying to land their best shots. It looked like a pretty even fight as Azure was doing a good job of defending Kelleher's takedown attempts and Kelleher was landing some nice shots. Very entertaining first round with a nice pace to it as well and on my score card I had Azure up 1-0. The pace didn't slow down at all in round two as both of these guys were looking to end the fight. Kelleher looked like the fresher of the two to start the round but Azure was hanging around and still throwing a lot of strikes. Kelleher continued to push the pace and was able to land a nasty left hook that knocked out Azure for the win.

Result: Brian Kelleher wins via 2nd round KO/TKO

Lightweight Bout: Gabriel Benitez(21-8-0) vs Omar Antonio Morales(1-0-0)

The lightweights took the octagon next and the first round started a little slow as each guy was trying to feel the other out. I felt like there were more kicks thrown than punches as these guys were just trying to chop each other down and end it with a head kick. The end of the round had a lot of action as both guys threw and landed some big shots but neither guy went down. Round two began and it was close just like the first one. Morales really started to push the pace towards the end of the round and he started landing some more quality shots. I had it 1-1 after two as we headed to the third and final round. The last round saw the pace stay up tempo as both guys were throwing a lot of strikes. In my opinion Morales landed more of the bigger shots in the round and he was doing a great job of countering anything Benitez threw his way. This was a great fight from start to finish as both guys gave it everything they had and in the end we would head to the judges. I had it scored 2-1 in favor of Morales and the Judges kind of agreed as they scored it 3-0 in favor of Omar Morales.

Result: Omar Morales wins via Unanimous decision.

Women's Bantamweight Bout:Sijara Eubanks(5-4-0) vs Sarah Moras(6-6-0)

Next up we had our lone women's division fight of the night as the two bantamweights squared up. Ill be honest I was cooking dinner during most of this fight. From what I did see though it looked like Eubanks dominated this one for the most part and I guess the judges thought the same as they gave Eubanks the win.

Result: Sijara Eubanks wins via unanimous decision.

Main Card-

Next up was the main card as for the second straight event the prelims provided us with some great action and really set the tone for the night. Would the main card deliver though? Lets take a look...

Lightweight Bout: Michael Johnson(20-15-0) vs Thiago Moises(12-4-0)

The main card kicked off with a lightweight showdown and it got off to a fast start. Both guys came out looking to push the tempo to try and gain an advantage and Moises even went for a takedown but Johnson avoided it. Johnson for the most part controlled round one as he was really applying the pressure and did a great job of switching up his strikes. Round one had a pretty clear winner in Johnson. Round 2 starts with Moises rushing in for a takedown that was sort of stuffed by Johnson, but Moises was able to turn it around and ended up getting some sort of leg/knee lock and forced Johnson to tap.

Result: Thiago Moises wins via 2nd round submission.

Heavyweight Bout: Andrei Arlovski(28-19-0) vs Philipe Lins(0-0-0)

Next up was the Heavyweights as the veteran Andrei Arlovski took on the newcomer Philipe Lins. Round one we saw some heavy shots from both guys which was expected when it comes to the heavyweights. Lins showed off his big power while Arlovski showed just how strong his chin was as he ate some big shots. It wasn't just defense by Arlovski though as he provided some big shots of his own that connected on Lins. We headed to round two where the pace slowed down a little bit. Both guys were still throwing some heavy shots and a little over halfway through the round we had an accidental groin shot that landed on Arlovski. The round ended with a nice exchange with both guys landing decent shots. We went to a third and final round in a very close fight. Arlovski landed more of the significant strikes by the end of the fight but we headed to the judges in what was a very close fight.

Result: Andrei Arlovski wins via unanimous decision

Bantamweight Bout: Ricky Simon(15-3-0) vs Ray Borg(13-4-0)

The night continued with some bantamweight action as Ray Borg and Ricky Simmons did battle. Ricky Simon landed an early takedown and we spent most of round one on the ground and in the clinch. When they were standing up these two were throwing some haymakers and landing with quite a few of them. Simon scored another takedown towards the end of the round and that secured the first round for him. After one it was 1-0 in favor of Simon and to start round two we went back to the ground pretty quickly as Simon scored another takedown. Borg was able to bring it back to the feet shortly after the takedown scored and we got some more heavy hands being thrown. Ray Borg was throwing some heavy shots and Simon was eating them which was really impressive. As we headed to the third and final round in yet another close fight Borg needed to be more aggressive if he wanted to secure the win. Borg started strong and was landing some good shots but once again Simon was able to get a takedown. Borg all fight long though had done a great job of getting out of bad positions. We ended the fight with both guys chucking fist in a very entertaining sequence but once again we would head to the judges.

Result: Ricky Simon via split decision

Lightweight Bout: Alexander Hernandez(11-2-0) vs Drew Dober(22-9-0)

Next up we had the fight that I was looking forward to the most with the lightweight showdown between Hernandez and Dober. This one started quickly and both guys threw some big shots but it was Hernandez who landed a takedown. While it didn't stay on the ground for long it was still important for Hernandez to land that. An overall entertaining first round with Dober applying most of the pressure but Hernandez landed a few good shots himself. Round two got off to a fast start as well as these two were both going for the knockout. Dober really started beating up on Hernandez towards the end of the round and finally with just over a minute left in the round Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight.

Result: Drew Dober wins via 2nd round TKO

Heavyweight Bout: Ben Rothwell(37-12-0) vs Ovince Saint Preux(24-13-0)

Next up was the Co-Main even with one of the most exciting UFC fighters in Ovince Saint Preux making his heavyweight debut against veteran Ben Rothwell. As we got underway we had the typical feeling out process and a slow start. Rothwell was more of the aggressive fighter in the round as Saint Preux was in more of a retreat and Rothwell was able to catch his high kick and tried to apply a choke but was unable to fully lock it in as we headed to round two. The round started with more of the same as Saint Preux just wasn't getting much offense off and seemed to be retreating most of the round. I mean this was a dominate performance from Rothwell at this point. Saint Preux landed a big shot that knocked Rothwell down as the round came to a close. Even with that though I still had Rothwell up 2-0. We would head to the third round and Saint Preux would look to capitalize on his late momentum boost. Rothwell seemed to recover well and we finally had some more exchanges between the two. Rothwell would get Saint Preux up against the cage and after they separated Saint Preux started landing some shots but it may have been too little too late. Rothwell just really pushed the pace all fight, it was really impressive he was able to keep it up the whole fight. We would head to the judges once more to decide this one.

Result: Ben Rothwell wins via split decision

Light Heavyweight Bout: Anthony Smith(32-14-0) vs Glover Teixeira(30-7-0)

It was finally time for the main event with a top ten light heavyweight showdown. I have been all in on Anthony Smith since I learned his walkout song was Return of The Mack. Its a fucking sick walkout song and just an overall banger. While Teixeira did counter that with Welcome to The Jungle which is another banger it still didn't top Return of The Mack. Anthony Smith looked pissed off and determined to make a statement in this one. The older Teixeira didn't seemed phased as round one got underway. Smith looked really sharp early on I mean he looked awesome. Teixeira started landing a few shots but then hit Smith with a groin shot. After they resumed Smith landed a big right hand and continued to apply the pressure. Teixeira started gaining a little traction as round one came to a close. It was a close first round but I gave the slight edge to Smith, I had him up 1-0 after one. Round two began and Teixeira was doing a good job of eating the strikes by Smith and throwing some nice shots of his own. Smith caught Teixeira with a big shot that looked like it shut the left eye of Teixeira. You would have thought it would've slowed him down but Teixeira came back and landed some big shots of his own the rocked Smith. For as quick as Anthony Smith started he really started to slow down and you could see he was tiring out.

Round three started with a slower pace until Teixeira hit Smith with a punch that stunned Smith and followed it up with some more big shots and knocked him to the ground. Smith was in a really bad spot with under three minutes left in the round when he was sort of able to roll out for a brief second until Teixeira continued to try and end the fight. I don't know how Smith was able to survive but he was able to hang on and take it to a fourth round.

We headed to the fourth round and Smith got rocked again and you could tell he was just gassed but just didn't want to quit. Teixeira got him to the ground once again and was trying to choke him out. He landed some more big shots from the top and decided to let Smith back up. I really could not believe the ref didn't stop the fight at this point I mean he was getting BEAT up. They went back to the ground and Teixeira just kept the ground and pound going but Smith just would not quit. Somehow, someway this fight would go to a fifth and final round I really don't know how they let this go on. The fifth round should have just not happened at all mean Smith was dead to rights and finally Teixeira finished him with the ground and pound.

Result: Glover Teixeira wins via 5th round TKO

The UFC returns on Saturday with another fight night, we'll have a preview for that coming in the next day or so. Follow @Ginger_Thread for all your UFC news and notes.


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