• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner's 2/11

Welcome back to another edition of Walsh's Winner's! Thats right back to back nights of picks because im feeling generous...Last night we didn't do too shabby as we went 4-3 (2-1 in NHL and 2-2 in NBA) We could've been 3 for 3 with the NHL picks but the Capitals forgot how to play hockey. As for the NBA the Mavs was a slight risky pick but I had faith in Luka and it didn't work then with the Pacers, they lost by one in a game that should've had...*Insert eyeroll emoji* but hey thats gambling for ya...That brings our overall record to 8-4...We're coming back out strong tonight though as I've got some more NHL and NBA picks coming your way....

NHL: Avalanche, Blues, Devils, Golden Knights

NBA: Sixers, Blazers, Celtics

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