• Keith Walsh

Walsh’s Winner’s 2/5

What's up everyone and welcome back to another edition of Walsh's Winner's! For tonight we have a full slate of NBA and College basketball games While only having two NHL games. Don't worry though I've got some guaranteed winners for tonight...Okay maybe not guaranteed but definitely some picks that i am very confident in. So let's take a look at Walsh's Winner's for tonight...

NHL: New York Rangers

Chicago Blackhawks

This is a risky one as both of these teams have tough opponents and are underdogs buttttt, The Rangers are going up against the Maple Leafs who have not been the most consistent team this year ans the Rangers are a much better home team. As for the Blackhawks, they are playing the Bruins, the Hawks have been one of the hottest teams in the league as of late and the Bruins will be playing for the second night in a row and will be on the road in Chicago.

As for my NBA picks tonight, we have nine games to choose from. I'm not going to get too crazy here as I am only going to make picks for three games..

NBA: Raptors



The Raptors are home against the Pacers who are a great team but i'm trusting the defending champs to get the job done at home. As for the Celtics, they should take care of the Magic pretty easily. Finally, I think it'll be a close game but the Timberwolves stink and the Hawks have Trae Young who has been infuego as of late so im riding the Hawks in this one.

I think from this point on I am going to keep a win and loss record to see how bad I actually am at this. Good luck and happy gambling!

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