• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner's 3/4

Sooooooo last night wasn't great...Couldve been worse, but definitely could've been better. We went 0-3 for the College Basketball picks and I would be more mad about that but its March so literally anything can happen this time of year thats what makes it great. Then for the NHL the Islanders completely shit the bed against the Habs. Luckily the Penguins and the Knights picked up wins which got us to 2-1 for the NHL games. Finally for the NBA, I don't even know what happened. I thought we had an easy night of picks and boy was I wrong.. First the Celtics blew a lead and lost in OT to the Nets. Then the Nuggets somehow lost to the Warriors at home. We did however get some wins as the Raptors beat the Suns and the Lakers beat the Sixers to get us to 2-2 on the night for the NBA. Hopefully tonight will be a little bit better for us so, here are Walsh's Winner's for tonight March 4th....

NHL: Avalanche, Flames, Canucks

Overall Record: 16-12

NBA: Bucks, Heat, Mavericks, Trail Blazers

Overall Record: 13-9

CBB: Villanova, Kansas, Wisconsin

Overall Record: 6-8

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