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Walsh's Winner's Divisional Round

Welcome to another edition of your favorite weekly blog...Walsh's Winner's! What a great weekend of Wild Card games we had last week. Two overtime games and plenty of great action during both days. We had upsets, the end of a dynasty, cheap shots, and even a crazy sequence during a kickoff.

This week the action will only get better as the stakes get higher, as now each team is only two wins away from playing for the Super Bowl. The teams that had the first round byes will finally be in action as we get to see the MVP front runner and last years MVP. Once again we start the action on Saturday afternoon. But, before the games start you can forget to get your weekly picks. So, order your wings for pickup now, grab some beer and be prepared to sit in and watch great football all weekend long.

Walsh's Winner's

So about last week....Thats my bad, if you listened to me you lost. Not only did you lose a little we literally lost every game. I apologize, but really it's not my fault. Did anyone really think that the Titans were going to go into Foxborough and beat the Patriots? More than likely not many people did. Or, how about Drew Brees and the high powered Saints offense getting shut down by the Vikings and Kirk Cousins finally winning a big game. I'm just saying there was a lot of crazy things that happened to make me go 0-4. That being said though, if you thought that would stop us you clearly do not know me at all. We have been cleared for takeoff once more and we are coming in for a hot landing for these Divisional games. So without further ad0, let's get into Walsh's Winner's....







Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers-Saturday 4:35pm on NBC

Jimmy G and the 49ers play host to Kirk Cousins and the Vikings in what should be a great game. The 49ers have proven all year long they are a legit contender as their defense has been solid and Jimmy Garoppolo is leading the way on offense. The 49ers defense will be put to the test this week as they have to try and shut down Dalvin Cook and Stefon Diggs just to name a few of the weapons Minnesota has. After the dust settles I think its going to be the 49ers offense who outshines the Vikings and sends them to the NFC Championship game. 49ers 37 Vikings 24

Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens-Saturday 8:15pm CBS

Two teams that can run the ball like no other as Derrick Henry and the Titans go up against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. The Titans pulled off a huge upset last week as they ran the ball down the throats of the Patriots and knocked off the defending Super Bowl Champions. While the Titans were doing that, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens were at home probably watching the games to see who they would be playing. Nonetheless, I think the Titans luck runs out here as Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense is just going to be too much for the Titans to stop. The only way the Titans win this game is if they completely dominate the time of possession and avoid turning the ball over. The Ravens are going to stack the box and force Ryan Tannehill to make throws and quite frankly, I don't think he will be able to do it. Ravens 28 Titans 14

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs-Sunday 3:05pm on CBS

Watson vs Mahomes, that right there is pretty much all you need to know about this game. Two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL today will go head to head for a spot in the AFC Championship. The Texans were able to hold off the Buffalo Bills last week as they pulled out the win in overtime while the Chiefs were at home resting. Depending on what the weather is like in Kansas City this could be a pretty high scoring game. While I do think the Chiefs win this one if Will Fuller plays I think it'll be closer than most people think. Chiefs 42 Texans 34

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers-Sunday 6:40pm on FOX

The Seahawks barely survived last week as they were able to hold on and beat the Eagles(minus Carson Wentz) 17-9 in WildCard Weekend. This week the task will be a little bit harder unless of course Clowney goes out and cheap shots Aaron Rodgers out of the game...Seattle did not look all that great against a depleted Eagles team and if they play the same way against Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is going to make them pay. While the Packers defense is average at best, if they can contain Russell Wilson they should be able to pull off the win. This game should be a good one and expect something crazy to happen as when these two teams get together strange things happen. Packers 24 Seahawks 20

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