• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner’s Week 10

This meme pretty much sums up how Walsh’s Winner’s has gone this season...Started off so well and it’s just been downhill ever since. We did a little bit better in the pick em‘ last week but not so hot with the gambling picks. Buuuutttt, that’s not stopping us we’re back for week 10 baby!!!!

Week 9 saw the Browns being the Browns, Tom Brady and the Patriots finally lost, the last London game of the year, and the Dolphins actually won a game. Plenty of great action last week and this week should be no different. Let’s get right into my week 10 picks!!!

Pick Em’

Los Angeles Chargers(4-5)@Oakland Raiders(4-4)-Raiders

Detroit Lions(3-4-1)@Chicago Bears(3-5)-Lions

Baltimore Ravens(6-2)@Cincinnati Bengals(0-8)-Ravens

Buffalo Bills(6-2)@Cleveland Browns(2-6)-Browns

Kansas City Chiefs(6-3)@Tennessee Titans(4-5)-Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons(1-7)@New Orleans Saints(7-1)-Saints

New York Giants(2-7)@New York Jets(1-7)-Giants

Arizona Cardinals(3-5-1)@Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-6)-Buccaneers

Miami Dolphins(1-7)@Indianapolis Colts(5-3)-Colts

Carolina Panthers(5-3)@Green Bay Packers(7-2)-Packers

Los Angeles Rams(5-3)@Pittsburgh Steelers(4-4)-Rams

Minnesota Vikings(6-3)@Dallas Cowboys(5-3)-Vikings

Seattle Seahawks(7-2)@San Francisco 49ers(8-0)-Seahawks

Walsh’s Winners:

Atlanta +12.5

Ravens -10

Vikings +3

Seahawks +6.5

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