• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner's Week 12

Alright, alright, alright...Welcome to the week 12 edition of Walsh's Winner's!! Week 11 started off with a bang literally, as Myles Garrett tried to kill a guy with his own helmet. Jameis Winston is back to being blind, and Phil Rivers still can't complete a comeback just another crazy week of NFL action in the books.

What a week we had last week folks, if you listened to your boy, you may have actually won some money for the first time in a long time. We won 12 out of the 14 games for the pick'em which is the best I think we've done all year. Now, are we going to have that same success this week? You're damn right we are people!! Let's get right into our picks for week 12....

Pick em'

Indianapolis Colts(6-4) vs Houston Texans(6-4)-Texans

Seattle Seahawks(8-2) vs Philadelphia Eagles(5-5)-Eagles

Detroit Lions(3-6-1) vs Washington Redskins(1-9)-Lions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-7) vs Atlanta Falcons(3-7)-Falcons

Denver Broncos(3-7) vs Buffalo Bills(7-3)-Bills

New York Giants(2-8) vs Chicago Bears(4-6)-Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers(5-5) vs Cincinnati Bengals(0-10)-Steelers

Miami Dolphins(2-8) vs Cleveland Browns(4-6)-Browns

Carolina Panthers(5-5) vs New Orleans Saints(8-2)-Saints

Oakland Raiders(6-4) vs New York Jets(3-7)-Jets

Jacksonville Jaguars(4-6) vs Tennessee Titans(5-5)-Jaguars

Dallas Cowboys(6-4) vs New England Patriots(9-1)-Patriots

Green Bay Packers(8-2) vs San Fransisco 49ers(9-1)-49ers

Baltimore Ravens(8-2) vs Los Angeles Rams(6-4)-Ravens

Walsh's Winner's

Detroit -3.5

Giants +6

Dolphins +10.5


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