• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner’s Week 14

Welcome back to another edition of Walsh's Winner's!!! I Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as I did and now were into the thick of the NFL Season. Only four more weeks left of regular season football. Rough week last week for your boy...we started off so strong as we went 3-0 on the Thanksgiving games, only to completely fall apart on Sunday. Lamar Jackson is the MVP, Tom Brady struggled, the NFC East is a complete dumpster fire, and we officially will not have another winless team. As an Eagles fan last week sucked, but as a football fan we were treated to some pretty great games. Week 14 has some big matchups with major playoff implications so it should be another great week of action. So, lets not waste anymore time and get right into my picks for week 14....

Pick em'

Dallas Cowboys(6-6) @ Chicago Bears(6-6)-Bears

Detroit Lions(3-8-1) @ Minnesota Vikings(8-4)-Vikings

Carolina Panthers(5-7) @ Atlanta Falcons(3-9)-Panthers

Baltimore Ravens(10-2) @ Buffalo Bills(9-3)-Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals(1-11) @ Cleveland Browns(5-7)-Browns

Washington Redskins(3-9) @ Green Bay Packers(9-3)-Packers

San Francisco 49ers(10-2) @ New Orleans Saints(10-2)-Saints

Miami Dolphins(3-9) @ New York Jets(4-8)-Jets

Indianapolis Colts(6-6) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-7)-Colts

Denver Broncos(4-8) @ Houston Texans(8-4)-Texans

Los Angeles Chargers(4-8) @ Jacksonville Jaguars(4-8)-Jaguars

Tennessee Titans(7-5) @ Oakland Raiders(6-6)-Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs(8-4) @ New England Patriots(10-2)-Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers(7-5) @ Arizona Cardinals(3-8-1)-Steelers

Seattle Seahawks(10-2) @ Los Angeles Rams(7-5)-Seahawks

New York Giants(2-10) @ Philadelphia Eagles(5-7)-Eagles

Walsh's Winner's

Lions +12.5

Packers -12.5

Chiefs/Patriots over 49

Raiders +2.5

Eagles -9.5

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