• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winner's Week 16

"Stay off the weeeeeeeedddddddddd!" Stephen A Smith says it best. Welcome to another edition of Walsh's Winner's ladies and gents! It's Week 16 which means only one week left of regular season football. Crazy how fast this season has gone by, we've had lots of great action all year long. Week 15 had a lot to talk about as we had Carson Wentz lead an Eagles comeback for a second straight week to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Browns are back to being a complete dumpster fire, Drew Brees continues to break records, spy gate part 2 helped the Patriots get back on track, Josh Gordon continues to get caught smoking weed and finally, Antonio Brown is campaigning for no more white women in 2020 whatever that means.

Week 16 is the most important week of the season as we will determine who's in and who's out when the playoffs roll around. We also get a bonus this week as we have three Saturday games on tap to go along with the Sunday games. The winner of the NFC East will more than likely be determined as the Eagles and Cowboys face off in the biggest game of the week. In the AFC, we have the Bills and Patriots doing battle which could determine the AFC East champion and will also prove if the Bills can hang with the big boys. While we have some pretty big games we also have some clunkers as the Redskins and Giants go head to head to see who will finish last in the NFC East, and also the Dolphins and Bengals go head to head to see who is worse. So, grab a beer order some wings and let's take a look at my picks for this week....

Pick em'

Houston Texans(9-5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-7)-Texans Buffalo Bills(10-4) @ New England Patriots(11-3)-Patriots Los Angeles Rams(8-6) @ San Francisco 49ers(11-3)-49ers

Jacksonville Jaguars(5-9) @ Atlanta Falcons(5-9)-Falcons Baltimore Ravens(12-2) @ Cleveland Browns(6-8)-Ravens New Orleans Saints(11-3) @ Tennessee Titans(8-6)-Saints Carolina Panthers(5-9) @ Indianapolis Colts(6-8)-Colts Cincinnati Bengals(1-13) @ Miami Dolphins(3-11)-Dolphins Pittsburgh Steelers(8-6) @ New York Jets(5-9)-Steelers New York Giants(3–11) @ Washington Redskins(3-11)-Redskins

Oakland Raiders(6-8) @ Los Angeles Chargers(5-9)-Chargers Arizona Cardinals(4-9-1) @ Seattle Seahawks(11-3)-Seahawks Detroit Lions(3-10-1) @ Denver Broncos(5-9)-Broncos **Dallas Cowboys(7-7) @ Philadelphia Eagles(7-7)-

Kansas City Chiefs(10-4) @ Chicago Bears(7-7)-Chiefs

Green Bay Packers(11-3) @ Minnesota Vikings(10-3)-Packers

**I refuse to make a pick for this game to avoid being a jinx. But Go Birds!!

Walsh's Winner's

Texans -3.5

Bills +6.5

Rams/49ers over 45



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