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Walsh's Winner's Week 17

That's right ladies and gentleman it's the last week of the NFL regular season which means the playoffs start next week! Even though it is the last week of the regular season we still have a lot to figure out when it comes to playoff seeding. We will determine whether it will be the Eagles or Cowboys who wins the NFC East and also we will crown the NFC West champion. Those are two of the biggest games of the weekend, along with some big games on the AFC side as well. Believe it or not, the Oakland Raiders can still make the playoffs although it will take a miracle for it to happen there is still a chance. It should be another great week of NFL action.

Week 16 was great in many ways especially being an Eagles fan. That's right people for how up and down this season has been week 16 saw the Eagles knock off the Dallas Cowboys and take control of their own destiny. It wasn't a pretty game by any means but they got the job done and now just need to beat the Giants to secure their playoff spot. We had an epic Jameis Winston game as he threw four interceptions including one on his very first pass attempt. Jameis is becoming one of the most must watch QBs in the league as each week he's throwing picks left and right but also throwing for like 500 yards. We had a great NFC West matchup that saw the 49ers eliminate the LA Rams from playoff contention. Fitzmagic struck again as the Dolphins beat the Bengals in the toilet bowl. Danny "Droppin Dimes" Jones and Dwayne "Don't call me Wade" Haskins had a shootout before Haskins went down with an injury as the Giants beat the Redskins. The Chiefs absolutely murdered the Bears on Sunday night football i'm pretty sure someone needs to call PETA on Patrick Mahomes, and last but certainly not least Monday Night Football saw Aaron Rodgers and the Packers hand Kirk Cousins his 9th straight loss in prime time as Cousins is now 0-9 on Monday Night Football.

With week 16 behind us, it's time to see who i'm picking for the final regular season edition of Walsh's Winner's....

Pick em'

Green Bay Packers(12-3) @ Detroit Lions(3-11-1)-Packers

New York Jets(6-9) @ Buffalo Bills(10-5)-Bills

Cleveland Browns(6-9) @ Cincinnati Bengals(1-14)-Browns

Los Angeles Chargers(5-10) @ Kansas City Chiefs(11-4)-Chiefs

Chicago Bears(7-8) @ Minnesota Vikings(10-5)-Bears

Miami Dolphins(4-11) @ New England Patriots(12-3)-Patriots

Atlanta Falcons(6-9) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-8)-Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints(12-3) @ Carolina Panthers(5-10)-Saints

Washington Redskins(3-12) @ Dallas Cowboys(7-8)-Cowboys

Oakland Raiders(7-8) @ Denver Broncos(6-9)-Raiders

Arizona Cardinals(5-9-1) @ Los Angeles Rams(8-7)-Rams

Indianapolis Colts(7-8) @ Jacksonville Jaguars(5-10)-Colts

Pittsburgh Steelers(8-7) @ Baltimore Ravens(13-2)-Ravens

Tennessee Titans(8-7) @ Houston Texans(10-5)-Texans

Philadelphia Eagles(8-7) @ New York Giants(4-11)-Eagles

San Francisco 49ers(12-3) @ Seattle Seahawks(11-4)-49ers

Walsh's Winner's

Browns -3


Bears +1


49ers/Seahawks Over 47

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