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Walsh's Winners: Week 1 NFL Picks

Alright ladies and gents its time to introduce a new weekly blog called Walsh's Winners. With sports gambling finally being legal in PA your boy is going to take full advantage of it and hopefully win some extra cash money $$$$. First, I'm going to give you my picks for each game just based off who I think is going to win. Then, we're going to have Walsh's Winners of the week which will be more of the gambling winners based of the spreads and over/under. So, we're going to start with week 1 of the NFL Season.

Week 1 Picks:

Green Bay vs Chicago-Pick: Chicago

Tennessee vs Cleveland-Pick: Cleveland

Baltimore vs Miami-Pick: Baltimore

Atlanta vs Minnesota-Pick: Minnesota

Buffalo vs New York Jets-Pick: Buffalo

Washington vs Philadelphia-Pick: Philadelphia

Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers-Pick: Rams

Kansas City vs Jacksonville-Pick: Kansas City

Indianapolis vs Los Angeles Chargers-Pick: Chargers

Cincinnati vs Seattle-Pick: Seattle

New York Giants vs Dallas-Pick: Dallas

Detroit vs Arizona-Pick: Arizona

San Fran vs Tampa Bay- Pick: San Fran

Pittsburgh vs New England-Pick: New England

Houston vs New Orleans- Pick: New Orleans

Denver vs Oakland-Pick: Oakland

Walsh's Winners:

In this section we're going to focus more on the gambling part, Walsh's Winners will be my locks for the week.

ATL vs MIN- Over/Under 47.5- Smash the over on this one.

Baltimore -7

Giants +7

Chargers -6.5

If you want to win some money listen to me and take these bets, if you win I get half, and if you lose well that's your own fault for listening to me.

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