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Walsh's Winner’s Week 11

It's your favorite part of the week, welcome to another edition of Walsh's Winner's!!

Week 10 of the NFL season had it all. We had another exciting weekend of action throughout the NFL. The last of the undefeated teams fell as the Seahawks defeated the 49ers in what was probably the best game of the weekend, Colin Kaepernick is getting the chance to workout in front of some NFL teams which is basically just a PR stunt for the NFL, the Browns got back on the winning track, and how bout dem Cowboys...It's always a great week when they lose. Don't look now but we've only got six more weeks until playoff football. "Playoffs?!?" Thats right ladies and gents, it's coming down to the most important weeks of the season as the Playoffs are starting to take shape. Each game becomes more meaningful for each team in the hunt. Week 11 has some pretty important matchups in both the NFC and AFC as we have some big divisional games coming up. Lets take a look at my picks for week 11....

Pick Em'

Pittsburgh Steelers(5-4)@Cleveland Browns(3-6)-Browns

Dallas Cowboys(5-4)@Detriot Lions(3-5-1)-Lions

Jacksonville Jaguars(4-5)@Indianapolis Colts(5-4)-Colts

Buffalo Bills(6-3)@Miami Dolphins(2-7)-Bills

Denver Broncos(3-6)@Minnesota Vikings(7-3)-Vikings

New Orleans Saints(7-2)@Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-6)-Saints

New York Jets(2-7)@Washington Redskins(1-8)-Jets

Atlanta Falcons(2-7)@Carolina Panthers(5-4)-Falcons

Houston Texans(6-3)@Baltimore Ravens(7-2)-Texans

Arizona Cardinals(3-6-1)@San Fransisco 49ers(8-1)-49ers

Cincinnati Bengals(0-9)@Oakland Raiders(5-4)-Raiders

New England Patriots(8-1)@Philadelphia Eagles(5-4)-Patriots

Chicago Bears(4-5)@Los Angeles Rams(5-4)-Rams

Kansas City Chiefs(6-4)@Los Angeles Chargers(4-6)-Chiefs

Walsh's Winner's

Browns -2.5

Bills -6

Jaguars +3

Buccaneers +5.5

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