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Walsh's Winners Week 2

We are back for week 2 of Walsh's Winners baybeeeee!!! It's so great having football back in full swing. The Birds picked up the week 1 win, there were plenty of exciting games, and the Antonio Brown saga continued. 13 wins in week 1 for ya boy is a pretty solid start if I do say so myself. I hope you listened at least for the straight pick em, and if you listened to me on the betting ones...thats my bad, that’s on me. Buuuuuuttttttt, it’s a new week so let’s try to keep the winning going for the Pick em’s and maybe just maybe we’ll make some money this week with Walsh’s Winners.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(0-1) @ Carolina Panthers(0-1)-Panthers

San Fransisco 49ers(1-0) @ Cincinatti Bengals(0-1)-49ers

Los Angeles Chargers(1-0) @ Detroit Lions(0-0-1)-Chargers

Minnesota Vikings(1-0) @ Green Bay Packers(1-0)-Packers

Indianapolis Colts(0-1) @ Tennessee Titans(1-0)-Colts

New England Patriots(1-0) @ Miami Dolphins(0-1)-Patriots

Buffalo Bills(1-0) @ New York Giants(0-1)-Bills

Seattle Seahawks(1-0) @ Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1)-Steelers

Dallas Cowboys(1-0) @ Washington Redskins(0-1)-Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals(0-0-1) @ Baltimore Ravens(1-0)-Ravens

Jacksonville Jaguars(0-1) @ Houston Texans(0-1)-Texans

Kansas City Chiefs(1-0) @ Oakland Raiders(1-0)-Chiefs

Chicago Bears(0-1) @ Denver Broncos(0-1)-Bears

New Orleans Saints(1-0) @ Los Angeles Rams(1-0)-Saints

Philadelphia Eagles(1-0) @ Atlanta Falcons(0-1)-Eagles

Cleveland Browns(0-1) @ New York Jets(0-1)-Browns

Walsh's Winner's:

When you listened to me and took all of Walsh's Winner's last week and only hit on one of them...

Don't worry though fam week 2 is gonna be much better....I hope. So lets take a look at Walsh's Winner's for week 2.

Buccaneers/Panthers Under 49

Patriots -19

Chargers -2.5

Jags/Texans Over 43.5

Once again you know the rules if you win I get half, and if you lose well maybe stop listening to me on this part. Happy Gambling!

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