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Walsh's Winners Week 4

Its time for another edition of your favorite weekly blog...Ladies and gents welcome to week 4 of Walsh‘s Winners!!!

Week 3 saw the arrival of Gardner Minshew, the end of the Eli face era, and The Browns being the same old lovable losers. A draw play on 4th and 9?!?! COME ON MAN! The birds fell to 1-2 because our receivers forgot how to catch and the Buffalo Bills are 3-0 behind a tall Josh Allen. It has been an interesting start to the NFL season and we shall see how week 4 turns out.

Alright, so we didn't get a perfect week last time out but hey you win some you lose some. I’ve got a 34-13 record through the first 3 weeks We're coming in hot for week 4 though and we're gonna win big this week I can feel it. We've got a lot of great games coming up this week and some tough choices to make so let's jump right in to my picks for the week!

Pick Em'

Philadelphia Eagles(1-2) @ Green Bay Packers(3-0)-Eagles

Tennessee Titans(1-2) @ Atlanta Falcons(1-2)-Falcons

New England Patriots(3-0) @ Buffalo Bills(3-0)-Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs(3-0) @ Detroit Lions(2-0-1)-Chiefs

Oakland Raiders(1-2) @ Indianapolis Colts(2-1)-Colts

Los Angeles Chargers(1-2) @ Miami Dolphins(0-3)-Chargers

Washington Redskins(0-3) @ New York Giants(1-2)-Giants

Cleveland Browns(1-2) @ Baltimore Ravens(2-1)-Browns

Carolina Panthers(1-2) @ Houston Texans(2-1)-Texans

Tampa Bay Bucceneers(1-2) @ Los Angeles Rams(3-0)-Rams

Seattle Seahawks(2-1) @ Arizona Cardinals(0-2-1)-Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings(2-1) @ Chicago Bears(2-1)-Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2) @ Denver Broncos(0-3)-Jaguars

Dallas Cowboys(3-0) @ New Orleans Saints(2-1)-Saints

Cincinnati Bengals(0-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers(0-3)-Steelers

Walsh's Winners:

Patriots/Bills over 42.5

Redskins/Giants Under 49.5

Chiefs -6.5

Chargers -16

Rams -10

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